The Naughty Flirt(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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~~ ' ’ Are You Taking Advantage Of First National's New Sliding Scale Of Accessory Prices? Color Description of the Twenty-Four Sheet The background in back of the lettering is dark green with the edges in a lighter tone of green. Rest of the background is pure white. Lettering of the main title is bright orange with an outline in yellow in striking contrast to the dark background. The smaller lettering is in light green as against the white background. The entire effect of this poster is a very colorful one and a sure eyecatcher in any surrounding. | WINDOW CARD Page Eight FIRST MATIONAL PICTURES “we preconts ‘JeNAUGHTY Fil RD aucetire SLIDE A Ys £E : cease NAUGH ly Tip. with ALICE WHITE Gynva soy Lf FeebE nas ROWARR SLIDE B Use More Acces: sories = Sliding Scale Prices of Advertising Accessories 1-SHEETS 2h DO ere ee '...15¢ each Ort0100-3 Ss eee ee eee 13c each Over 100. 6 eh ae eee lic each ) 3-SHEETS a 7 es Rea oe re tener Me 40c each Over. 20330 2 Ae eee a Be 36c each 6-SHEETS PA heroes ae ates FS 75c each TL: to 20 ie ae eee 70c each Over 2025s Ree hace oo ee 65c each 24-SHEETS UG 4620020 ee Cee _. .$2.00 each Over -20 30 i eS ee ae 1.75 each WINDOW CARDS 10 Os a a ee ee 7c each BA t0 100 | Fe eee Eee 6c each Over 300 Ses ae ...544¢ each INSERT CARDS PTO SO a Oa Ee ee ....20¢0 each 26 SOe 00. Sea ee eae ....22¢ each BY 10 100 2 ee ea ....20¢ each Over’ 100.36 Se oe mews ..,.18¢ each HERALDS 1M to SM es $3.00 per M Over SM oe ee 2.75 per M PHOTOS di x-12 photos: as ..,.15¢ a set (8 in set-colored) 22 x 2B phos i ee 80c a set (2 in set-colored”) BOGS Ka Ce Eee a ie 15c each ES ee nk ae Peer Pee a 10c each Press “Sheets <6 aa ee Gratis Wiisie:. Cues. oi eee SS Gratis Hy Lge ‘ z i INSERT CARD