The Naughty Flirt(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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Helbros Watch Tieup Helbros Watch Company, manufacturers and distributors of one of the most beautiful and popular lines of wrist watches in the world, have named one of their most attractive in honor of Alice White. The exploitation features models in ¢connection with this big national tieup are many and varied and exhibitors are assured of 100 per cent co-operation from all local Helbros dealers. The moment “Naughty Flirt” playdates are set, write to Mr. Samuel J. Baril, Helbros Watch Company, 48 West 48th St., New York, N. Y. and he will put you in touch with their dealer in your city, see that complete campaign material is forthcoming and outline a _ proposition whereby you can cash in on this live wire proposition. Shadow Box Lobby Display Have your earpenter make up easeled shadow-box hearts to stand to a height of about four feet. On the heart draw lines through it so as to give a broken effects Place stills on the heart and the light from the back shinging through the stil} has great selling appeal. Or make semi-shadow boxes with the front cut out in a double heart shape. Place pictures of Alice White and Paul Page on the back of the box behind the cutout spot. Have your lights for this concealed in the box on the sides. Teaser Campaign Below is given copy that is effec tive for your newspaper teaser cam paign to be started a week before the showing of the picture: TE She Winks Her Eye And Says, “Oh, You Kid!” Beware, She’s A NAUGHTY FLIRT! TE She Drops Her Handkerchief Accidentally On Purpose Beware, She’s A NAUGHTY FLIRT! IF It’s a Warm Night And She Says Big Boy, I’m Co-wold Beware, She’s A NAUGHTY FLIRT! Newspaper Contest Here is the type of contest that newspapers go for in a big way— the photo contest. Newspapers like to print pictures of people and in keeping with this idea get them to sponsor a contest in conjunction with the showing of “The Naughty Flirt.” Offer a prize to the girl or girls who have the cutest winking expression —to be in keeping with the idea of a naughty flirt. Appoint men and women of local prominence as the judges of the contest. Have the girls enroll by bringing the, pictures to the theatre or mailng them to the contest editor at the ewspaper. All the pictures not sed in the paper can be made up ito a lobby display. \ \ \ \ } Souvenir Photos Every movie fan in the world would welcome the oppc rtunity to secure an autographed photo of \lice White and no bet ter way to ‘il that certain off matiriee or “supper” show with a capacit ¥ audience an be devised than to advertise a special Souvenir Photo P erformance. These photos ordered in quanti‘es are reasonable in est and can be secured through your exchange. Sealed envelopes enclosing the regular imprinted heralds still econtinue to hold high favor with exhibitors. Enclosed is copy that is ‘o go on the envelopes: Want A Date With A NAUGHTY FLIRT? Look Inside Give You Poster Cutouts Of the posters put out in some time, the six-sheet on the “Naughty Flirt” is outstanding for lobby display purposes. The fight scene shown is very realistic. The other paper is interest-arousing and attention-holding because of ‘ts high color values. A glance over to the back page will convince you that “Naughty Flirt” has some of the snappiest paper put out in some time. isceieliiaieeneesidbemntiidantecenciantaciesiaietese ll eee eee ened SSS -o—sppeeysaereeunonnenasanassensnnsassneeerere= A FIRST ATIONAL Toya Does an indiscreet kiss make a good girl naughty? Does it pay to vamp the man you love? How far should a girl go to attract | a man she never met? Do the best flirts get the best husbands? Here is the answer to the questions that are on the lips of every thinking young girl in Cleveland. Come and get it! Directed by Edw. Cut No. 6 Cut 60c Mat 15c Cline Alice White Paul Page Myrna Loy Space For Your Vitaphone Varieties Make Anagrams A Weekly Service. First National Will One Every Week. LaFrance Rings National Tie-up STARS TIED IN Through a carefully planned and comprehensive arrangement with the national advertising agency handling the account of LaFrance Rings, exhibitors can take advantage of splendid cooperation from your leading local jewelers. Among the First National stars tied up with these exceptionally attractive and popular novelty rings is Alice White. Individual rings in which are mounted beautiful semi-precious gems have been named after these stars and will be featured in the jeweler’s displays concurrent with your “Naughty Flirt” campaign. An array of special display accessories featuring the First National stars in question are supplied to all dealers handling these beautiful, nationally advertised rings. This product is receiving con-. tinuous intensive exploitation playing up First National stars in any number of widely circulated publications, including the Saturday Evening Post. Every LaFrance salesman is equipped with a special promotion and campaign folio and every dealer in the country is presented with full tieup details and complete outline of the cooperative possibilities. HOW TO CASH IN The moment your playdate or “Naughty Flirt” is set, notify THE BIOW COMPANY, INC. 521 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK, N. Y. and they will start the ball rolling immediately. You will be advised ~ who their dealers are in your city and also see that these jewelers follow the campaign plans. This will mean special co-operative window displays, featuring the special accessories and the rings identified with Alice White. In many eases ‘|the jeweler’s newspaper advertising will play up this tieup angie. Supply these dealers with whatever supplementary window trim they may require including neatly executed poster cutouts, mounted stills, tieup showeards, ete. . .,. WINDOW TRIM UNITS Attention of the exhibitor is called to the attractive window and counter displays supplied all LaFrance dealers. The pic tures of First National stars are inserts of the substitution of the stars in question is made (in this instance Alice White) during period of tieup. This accessory is made up in silver onblack with green velvet pads for ring display. ADDITIONAL DISPLAYS Another attention arresting window trim unit is an art display card of silver and blue 12 x 15 which carries likenesses of First National stars and their direct hookup with LaFrance Rings. Reprints of the national ads are also available. All Talking Trailer Pictures with Alice White in them are bound to be eute and the same thing applies to this trailer on “Naughty Flirt.” Just enough of the highlights of the picture are shown (0 make your customer want to come back and see more. ‘Trailers such is this one are an important adjunet [0 your program and deserve a feaured spot. Start running this railer now and then check your 90x office for the satisfaction of gseeing bigger and better receipts. Sireet Bally Get. a cute, good-looking girl to go around town dropping paper handkerchiefs in an obvious manner so that men will rush over to pick them up. Imprinted on the paper handkerchiefs is the following copy: “THE NAUGHTY FLIRT” Meet me at the MARLBORO THEATRE Page Seven