The Naughty Flirt(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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Newspaper Contests! Lobby | Ballyhoos! Street Tie-ups! | NO-FLIRTING CLUB | Organize your plans so that a NO-FLIRTING CLUB is founded in your town about a week before the showing of “Naughty Flirt.” To get the stunt across properly you must get your local newspapers behind you. Interest your editor in the idea that there is too much promiscuous flirting going on. Sell him on the idea that the newspapers should start a department to bring young boys and girls into friendly contact through the mails, with the newspaper as the clearing office. It is a great circulation builder for the paper and a big boost for your show. Naturally a thought of this sort will mean front page publicity. Where you cash in is by having the club attend the opening night of the picture and then heartily endorsing it both as a club and as individuals. Use the following story to start the ball rolling: Stunts! DAILY TIMES SPONSORS NO-FLIRTING CLUB AS ANTIDOTE TO PROMISCUOUS PICKUPS Picture, “Naughty Flirt’ Coming To The Rivoli Suggests Idea Behind New Movement. Has Civic Support , Starting tomorrow, The Daily Times brings: forth a new plank in its platform of needed reforms for Winona—rather strengthens an old one. It has long been the contention of this paper, borne out by facts, that there has been too much flirting on the main streets of our city. We do not wish to take the position of a Mrs. Grundy that flirting is absolutely wrong, but we do feel that there should be some sort of supervision. And now, the film, “Naughty Flirt” coming to the Rivoli next week suggests an idea. This paper will sponsor a “Lonely Folks Department”—young people to meet through the mail—the paper serving as a clearing office. Socials and gatherings of all sorts will form a prominent part of this new organization and. every effort will be made to have all important civie bodies take an interest in this new movement. Associations formed as a result of flirtations are, as a rule neither good nor permanent. It is the purpose of this new department to help form lasting friendships. Send in now a letter giving your name, address, age, tastes, likes and dislikes, interests and any other information about yourself. We will endeavor to match you with a person of similar type and temperament. What Anagrams Are: Anagrams is a game or contest in which the participants are asked to insert an additional letter into a given word, mix all the letters together so that they spell an entirely different word. ‘How To Use Them: Anagrams make excellent newspaper contest material, as contestants are required to buy the paper to get the coupon on which to fill out their names. The answers are delivered to your box-office. What They’ll Do For You: Build you an excellent mailing list. Get you unlimited publicity. Put you in right with your newspaper. Build your weakest day or matinees. (You can give one ticket to each winner for matinee only and he’ll undoubtedly bring a friend with him). If used as a program feature, anagrams will get you wider distribution and bigger reader interest. A FIRST NATIONAL SERVICE Does One Indiscreet Kiss Make A Good Girl Naughty? EX A LOI Turn On Th: ‘Heat! ‘ NM THE. » jl Cutie of the Campus! More sweethearts than than a college has books. She’ll take you on thrilling escapades—show you new ways of winning a man—and introduce you to the only boy in the world she really cared for — and couldn’t get! with Alice White — Paul Page — Myrna Loy Directed by Edward Cline NOVEL POST CARD CAMPAIGN In keeping with a different type of story, a unique exploitation post | Can You Solve These Anagrams? Free Tickets to See 50 “THE NAUGHTY FLIRT” To the First Fifty Correct Answers Write the answer in last column; sign your name and address, hand it to the cashier of the Strand Theatre between 10 o’clock and 1 o’clock today, ad get your free ticket: card has been prepared. To the exhibitor who has used this type of advertising the results have been more than satisfactory. Facts prove chat there is more merchandising appeal to a personal type of direct by mail advertising as the post card campaign exemplifies. Below is the copy of the card we have outlined. Have a cut made of a girl’s handwriting in seript. : Dear: : Because our meeting was not strictly in accordance with modern social ethics, you accused me of being a naughty flirt. Pm not. I’m just the normal girl, full of spirits, out for a good time with a nice chap. Meet me at (address of theatre, but no name) any time this week, and give me a chance to prove it, please Honey. Add L to rift and get what Alice White plays in “The Naughty Flirt.” : Add E to tonic and get what Alice White causes Paul Page to take. Add C to topic and get an Asiatic order of monks. Add Y to tail and get the congregation of a church. Newspaper Contest Memo Books Here is an inexpensive and unique Add P to miles and get what anagrams are. THE ANSWERS: 1. Flirt 3. 4. Coptic Laity 2. Notice 3. Simple Page Six jnewspaper to sponsor the contest Here is one type of newspaper contest that should stir up lots of action both in the newspaper columns and on the outside. Get your local form of throwaway. Have your local printer ‘make up tiny booklets with the following copy on the frontispiece: based on the following questions: “WHAT I KNOW ABOUT MEN” by A. Naughty Flirt HOW FAR SHOULD YOU GO? What Are The Limitations In Flirting Before You Can Be Termed A Naughty Flirt? What Is Discreet And What Comprises Indiscretion On the back page use the following copy: VISIT THE NVMIARLBORO (date) And jee For Yourself Limit the contest to letters of one hundred words and offer tickets of admission to say, the ten best letters. Appoint judges that are prominent in your local civie life. There is nothing on the inner pages for obvious reasons. Cut No. 9 Cut 60¢ Mat 15c¢ “Vitaphone’’ ss the registered trade mark of the Vitaphone Corp. designating its products. New. A FIRST NATIONAL 2 and. \v National Frock Tieup A number of First National stars are identified with the popular and stylish line of gowns, known to the trade as Leading Lady Frocks. Alice White has had one of the most alluring models named after her. In every town and city maintaining exclusive gown dealers you will find one or more leading department stores or specialty shops that feature.this line. Special accessories and window trim material available on the Alice White Leading Lady Frock and by all is means make an immediate contact with these cooperating manufacturers the moment your “Naughty Flirt” playdates are set. Write to MR. AARON METCHIK, FASHION ADVERTISING CO., 313 West | 37th Street, New York, N. Y. and? ask him to specify their dealers in your city. Mr. Metchik, will set the wheels in motion immediately and see that the maximum of co-operation is assured, As soon as you are able to contact ; the dealer in question, supply him | with suitable additional tieup window trim such as mounted stills, poster cutouts, usual hand-lettered tieup show-eard, ete. These frocks are also excellent as) prizes for any contest or specia | stunt you may put over in connection with this picture. j i