The Naughty Flirt(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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Come on and meet her. She’s got a heart like a hotel — big enough for everybody. She’s Philadelphia’s new girl friend, and 2,000,000 movie fans can’t be wrong. Directed by Edward Cline with Alice White Myrna Loy Paul Page Cut No. 8 Cut 40¢ Mat toc A FIRST NATIONAL en Surprise Punch And New Twist To “Naughty Flirt” Story twists and surprise punches feature First National’s forthcoming at the Theatre, “Naughty Flirt,” which is tohead: the: bills. 22 Alice White takes the feminine role as.a rich girl who has Vitaphone offering leading a fine time at the expense of mascu line hearts, and isn’t fooled a bit by knowing that all men are after her money. Paul Page is the hero, and our heroine meets him in night court where she is hauled up with a gay party of society friends for wrecking disturbing a fashionable cafe and the peace. Page is a very straight laced young attorney—who proves to be in the employ of the heroine’s |, father! For that reason the heroine thinks she has a “cinch,” but he refuses to jump through any hoops. He begins their acquaintance by forciby taking her home and preventing her marHe furthers it by spanking her in public, and riage to another man. ends it—but that’s a big surprise punch! Robert Agnew does fine work in a comedy role, and Myrna Loy is a Director Edward Cline supplied countless fine comedy bits in his handling of the action, } which sparkles throughout. ed Altogether, “Naughty Flirt,” is a picture that hasn’t a dull nor a trite spot throughout its fast-stepping footage. splendid “vamp.” Likes High Heels Alice White, star of “Naughty Flirt,’ the First National and Vitaphone picture at the Theatre, prefers to wear only high heels. She wears exceedingly high spike heels, declaring that her; feet feel most comfortable when thus shod. Paul Page, Myrna Loy, Robert Agnew, Douglas Gilmore, ani George Irving support Miss White “Naughty Flirt.” in ‘|rent at the Blond Star’s Newest, Most Dramatic Role “Naughty Flirt,” the first National and Vitaphone production now curTheatre, presents Alice White in her most dramatic role to date. The little blond star, now the screen’s exponent of ultra-modern youth, plays a wealthy young debutante who spends her time in search of a thrill. Her quest leads her into all kinds of interesting situations which include a session in nightcourt, a ride in a police patrol wagon, a baleony love scene, work in her father’s office, and a midnight elopement. Paul Page, whoplays opposite Miss White, is the only man _ she cares for and the only gentleman of her acquaintance who doesn’t reciprocate her interest. He thinks she is merely man-crazy. Myrna Loy, Douglas Gilmore, Robert Agnew, and George Irving complete the cast. Eddie Cline directed “Naughty Flirt,” which is an original sereen story by Earl Baldwin. “Naughty Flirt” Fast Stepping Comedy-Drama “Naughty Flirt,” Alice White’s latest. First National starring vehicle, is coming to the Theatre STRAND Enjoy the the season. Care Nose Society Deb In Latest Film Alice White has departed from her familiar role at last! In “Naughty Part 2 COMIN ae tos «5, to, the: «22.2. Theatre, the famous blonde flapper from First National isn’t a chorus girl, and there isn’t a gangster or a show person in the picture. “Naughty Flirt,” instead, is a very human little comedy drama in which society life and business go on side by side with the love story and action plot interlacing them. It’s an entirely new Alice White, therefore, that youll see in “Naughty Flirt.” She is presented as the fast-stepping daughter of a very wealthy business men. She meets the hero, Paul Page, by accident, but he proves to be a member of her father’s firm. The plot is unconventional, and packed not only with fun but with surprises. Alice more than proves her versatility, which even in backstageand _ehorus-girl-gangster films like “Sweet Mama,” “Broadway Babies,” and “Show Girl in Hollywood,’ was indicated by. her fine work. Myrna Loy has a splendid role as the “vamp” of the picture, and Robert Agnew shines in the midst of an excellent supporting cast. Edward Cline directed the picture. Thelma Hill Cast In Alice White’s “Naughty Flirt” Thelma Hill, comedienne, whose screen appearances have been largely confined to Mack Sennett comedies, plays a small part in “Naughty Flirt,” Alice White’s First National The story, which deals with the efforts of a daring and devil-mayeare rich girl to win the love of one of her father’s trusted employees and his unconventional ways of reforming her before he is willing to marry her, is strikingly fresh and original. Director Edward Cline filled it with poumed and new angles, and Moreover, some big dramatic eae es appear in the midst of fast-stepping comedy. Splendid acting is done by Miss White, leading man Paul Page, who is a new and interesting screen figure, and Robert Agnew, while. Myrna Loy has the vampingest role she ever played. The picture is an entire departure in roles for Alice, who appears at her very best in the new sort of part. Keeps Fit A gymnasium workout and an early morning two-mile run are part of the daily program of Paul Page, who will be seen as Alice White’s leading man in “Naughty Flirt,” when the First National and Vita phone production begins its local enand Vitaphone starring vehicle gagement at the.......... Theatre which opens an engagement at the Heeb Ee a a ae Pare: ter he eee Oheatre tora 7p: day run-besinninge so oy Miss Hill was engaged for the part of a wisecracking: stenographer at the request of Edward Cline, direc tor of “Naughty Flirt,” who megaphoned many of the Sennett comedies in which she appeared. She was born in Emporia, Kansas, and later lived in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. Like Alice White, Carmel Myers, Bessie Love, and other screen luminaries, she attended Hollywood High School. She did the usual extra work before Mack Sennett discovered her flair for comedy. She worked in Sennett comedies for five years with only an occasional short vacation. Miss Hill now alternates between two-reel comedies and work in feature-length productions. “Naughty Flirt” is an original screen story by Earl Baldwin. Alice White, the star, is supported by a cast which includes Paul Page, Myrna Loy, Douglas Gilmore, Robert Agnew, and George Irving. Paul Page and Myrna Loy in ‘*The Naughty Flirt”? at the Baseball Player Paul Page, Alice White’s leading man in “Naughty Flirt,” the First National and Vitaphone production which opens 4...... day engagement ate the«cny te... Theatre was prominent on the varsity baseball team when he was a student at St. Johns College, Annapolis. Sle NAUGHTY; FLIRT cutest, peppiest comedy of Cut 4o0c Alice White Plays Cinderella Dance ALL THIS WEEK Mat 10c Latest Thing For Country Clubs A novel feature of the film “Naughty Flirt,” Alice White’s newest First National and Vitaphone starring vehicle which comes to the cate aged Theatre Cinderella dance. The scene is a country club dance. The girls are each asked to remove a slipper and place it in the center of the floor. At a signal from the leader the men make a mad scramble for a shoe and then find the girl to whom it belongs, she being his partner for the dance. Alice White, Paul Page, Myrna Loy, Robert Agnew and Douglas Gilmore figure in the scene. “Naughty Flirt,” the tale of a girl of wealth who sets out wholeheartedly to win the man she loves, is from an original story by Earl Baldwin, who also collaborated with Richard Weil on the dialogue. Edward Cline directed. Get an eyeful of the flappingest flapper that ever swung a hip. She'll lead you dizzily from a penthouse to a courthouse, and show you the swellest time in years. with ALICE WHITE PAUL. PAGE MYRNA LOY Directed by Edward Cline A FIRST NATIONAL & VITAPHONE PRODUCTION Cut No. 3 Cut 20c Mat sc Page Five