The Naughty Flirt(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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“The Naughty To Unusual F xploitation Stunts. See Pages 6-7 Pex Paul Page lands hard on Douglas Gilmore’s chin in the fourth reel of “The Naughty Flirt” at the______------Alice, of course, is the cause of the trouble, Alice White looks on. being the naughty litile girl that of the strongest roles she has ever had, STUDIES Alice White, star of “Naughty Flirt,” a First National picture coming sto; theses. Theatre mets ...., studies voice, piano, dancing and French to keep herself prepared for her various talking picture roles. “NAUGHTY FLIRT,” FAST-STEPPING COMEDY WITH LOTS OF LAUGHS — FEATURED AT 223) ctess Paul Page, Alice White, Myrna Loy In Fine Edward Cline Does Good Job Of Directing Character Roles. Alice White deserts the ranks of the cinema Woolworth heroines and switchboard operators long enough to prove that she can be equally convineing as one of those spoiled and headstrong daughters of wealth whose anties always make amusing pictures. The sight of pretty young women being unconventional for the sake of a thrill seems always to have audience appeal. Alice has just that in “Naughty Flirt,” her new First National picture which opened at the.......... "PROEA LIC: 2s Her role is that of Kay Elliott, a wealthy debutante who has both the money and leisure to indulge her every whim. Men in general are her particular hobby until she meets a young attorney who doesn’t re ciprocate her interest. She then embarks upon a series of escapades with the avowed purpose of steering her attorney to the altar, Of course she succeeds and her method of doing it makes one of the most entertaining White films in months. Paul Page is the young attorney and a leading man _ particularly fitted to Alice White. The everpopular Myrna Loy, looking more gorgeous than ever, Robert Agnew, Douglas Gilmore and George Irving complete the cast. They all work together admirably in making “Naughty Flirt” a most satisfactory picture. A particularly bright feature is the group of stunning new gowns worn by Alice White and Myrna Loy. Edward Cline’s comedy training is apparent in the direction which is light and swift. Good photography and beautiful settings combine to make an appropriate background for this delightful comedy. Plenty of Action Hee ~ut No. 18 ut 30C ~ Jat roc SE ‘lirt” Is A Title That Lends Theatre this week, while all the boys fight for. It is one Romance in Court A night police court is the scene of the beginning of Alice White’s romance in “Naughty Flirt,” the First National and Vitaphone pro Theatre Paul Page is the object of Miss White’s cinematic affections. Others_in the cast include Myrna Loy, Robert Agnew, Douglas Gilmore, and George Irving. | Sindee Love-Making Girls’ Basic Career Says Movie Star “Love-making is eareer. Other eajreers are eithe: expressions of thjis capacity in a { woman’s' basic woman, or sympitoms of its un healthy repression)” f : i This from Alice’ White, Firs‘ National’s dynami« blonde. Miss White’s ; latest “Naughty Flirt,” clomes Oethp = sae Theatre: :...3424 , {with an all-stai east including Paul Page, Robert Agnew and Myrita Loy. In this Vitaphone version\ of the fast-step ping Frederick L.| Bowen comedydrama, the heroint? is said to make love much more efficiently than she types or handles a ‘filing system. As the daughtet: of a very rich man, she tries-to win the favor of one of his employi2es for whom she has “fallen hard”; by becoming his secretary. Her secretarial’ work isn’t s¢ bad, but it isn’t ha'lf so powerful as her love-making. J!.ove-making wins in the end, and the, secretarial work didn’t get to first tase. Edward Cline directed the clever picture, and Earl > Baldwin scenarized it. The he2roine starts out is a society girl whi ose chief business is “hell-raising” and making men fall in love with ‘her. Before she ends up in the herg#’s arms, she goes through many straige and startling experiences that jtake the game entirely out of her} hands. It’s a new role ; for Miss White, and it gives her ba chance to do what some critics e say is her best work to date. picture h * F | zines, travel books, Research Department Furnishes Information Get an accurate description of the interior of a New York City police wagon, write for a 1930 New York what ceremony a New York judge automobile license, find out reads in performing the marriage service, and look up the correct form for an engraved invitation to an exclusive country club dance, where the requests made of Mrs. Maude Bowman, head of the research department at the First National Studios in Hollywood before production was started on “Naughty Flirt,” Alice White’s new starring vehicle coming to the Theatre This information was needed for Earl Baldwin, scenarist, and Eddie Cline, director, so that every detail of the film could be made accurate. The studio research department is maintained for the purpose of looking up odds and ends of information to be used in the preparation of pictures. Complete files of current maga. and numerous photographs, are kept available for directors and writers. “Naughty Flirt,” boasts a supporting cast which includes Paul Page, Alice White, Myrna Loy, Robert Agnew, Douglas Gilmour, and George Irving. Bob Agnew Back Robert Agnew who confirms his recent screen comeback with a good role in “Naughty Flirt,” Alice White’s new starring vehicle, was born in Kentucky but was reared in San Antonio, Texas. Agnew was once one of the most popular ju veniles in silent pictures and had dropped from fans’ attention until jhe recently made a successful return talkies. to in the comes “Naughty Flirt” tines eee eu Theatre Of Solid Joy Directed by Edw. Cline | ZW eat tog Bs Mat r10¢ IRST 1 So NATIONALZZ eS Screen Vamp! Cut 15¢ Mat 5c Cut No. 14 Although Myrna Loy has been cast as a flirt in many recent talkies, the title role of “The Naughty Flirt,” now showing at the Theatre falls to the lot of Alice White. But Myrna does plenty of flirting in this First National Viiaphone picture. aiaaetineel Wal = Exotic Beauty An important role in “What Price Beauty,’ Mrs. Rudolph Valentino’s producing venture, was Myrna Loy’s first sereen part. The picture, although notable from an artistic standpoint, was never generally released but it served to make Iyiss Loy’s exotic beauty known in Holly wood with the result that engage-. ments in other films followed. She supports Alice White in “Naughty Flirt,” the First National and Vita phone comedy coming o the....... Vheatre —— Rio Wa es — Begins Today! One Week rid with Alice White Paul Page Myrna Loy And Four Fine Vitaphone Varieties She’s naughty, but nice. She’s lovable and sweet. She'll show you the dizziest love pace this side of life. Just a great girl who’s hungry for romance! “Vitaphone” is the registered trade mark of the Vitaphone Corp. designating its products. Portrayer Of UltraModern Roles Says Flappers Passe Shed a tear for the rip-roaring, fask-toting, flapper who was the heroine of yesterday’s screen epics of flaming youth. “No less an auhority than Alice White, who scored her first successes in such roles, says that the flapper is definitely a thing of the past. “The publie is thoroughly tired of ‘he rowdy characters they saw in the so-called sensational films of a few years ago,” the First National star says. | “The majority of pictures will al-— ways continue to deal with youth but they will faithfully mirror the. youth of the period. The nervous, jazzy, sensational films presented a fairly faithful picture of a certain class of post-war youth but that type is no longer extant. “Youth has assumed an easy sophis| tication which makes gin parties and similar things merely incidental. There is now a restlessness and earnest quest for something I’m _ not what — that has changed the whole order of things. “T think picture, “Naughty Flirt,” is a good gauge of certain exactly my new the new trend. I play a girl who has indulged in all the fashionable vices and tried just about everything in her search for an interesting exist ence. This girl is worldly-wise without being blase and _ sophisticated without being vulgar. She is something of a fatalist and wrings whatever benefit she can out of every new experience. “Pictures in the future wiih ~ccort_ to no more exaggerated types. They will remain close to life and present an accurate portrait of the current scene.” “Naughty Flirt,” newest starring vehicle for First National Pictures comes to the Paul Page, Myrna Loy, Robert Agnew, Douglas Gilmore and George Irving are also in the cast. Miss White’s Talkies Prove Boon To Players Who Are Types The talking picture player who '/\s specialized on one definite type yf eharacter and who has mastered ill the fine points in individualizing that character is the player who is assured of steady work, according to Edward Cline, director of ‘Naughty Flirt,” the First National and Vitaphone production which is the next feature attraction at the eee Theatre beginning Fred Kelsey, who plays a small ‘ole in “Naughty Flirt” is such an actor. Comic policemen are Kelsey’s specialty. He played a large variety of roles n stock companies and silent piec ures but with the advent of the — alkies it was discovered that he is he perfect audible cop. Since then ie has been a bonehead cop in more han ten talking features, notable imong which is “The Road to Paralise” with Loretta Young. “Being typed has its advantages,” Xelsey has found. “Onee an actor nakes a hit as a type he is almost lefinitely ‘set’? for at least two or ‘hree years as far as pictures are ‘oneerned. Playing the same type -ontinuously in pictures is almost ike working on the stage, the character enlarges itself with every performance.” Alice White is starred in “Naughty Flirt,” which is from an original sereen story by Earl Baldwin. Others in the cast are Paul Page, Myrna Loy, Robert Agnew, Douglas Gilmore, and George Irving. Pag: Three