The Naughty Flirt(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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When “MIKE MATES” Film producers have wedded Alice White and Paul Page in the name of the great god Vitaphone. They re “microph-ne mates.” The fact developed during the filming of their latest picture, “Naughty Flirt,’ which First National is presenting at the head of the T heatre offerings. ; Page, relatively a newcomer on the screen, plays opposite the star for the first. time in “Naughty Flirt,’ and Vitaphone experts found that not only were the voices of the two well suited for register on the same microphone, but due to the fact that both are only medium height for their sex, the voice volume is nearly the same. A very tall man and a short leading woman are the Vitaphone mixer’s hardest problems The strongest voice, the man’s, is closest to the microphone, which must hang over their heads. The weaker voice coming from farther away must be separately amplified. Myrna Loy Vamps Her “Deadliest” In “Naughty Flirt Myrna Loy represents the new type of vamp, and she is probably the “deadliest” the screen has ever seen. Anyone will agree who sees First National’s Vitaphone feature at the Bane et Theatre next “Naughty Flirt.” The picture features Alice White and Paul Page. with Robert Agnew in a comedy role and Miss Loy as the vamp. “T think some of my ‘slinkiest’ vamping work is done in ‘ Naughty Flirt,’ ” Miss Loy confesses. “At any rate, ’ll admit it thrilled me And if a vamp herself is thrilled— I don’t mean at seeing the picture, but doing the vamping—it means the scene must carry a punch, does it not?” Miss Loy is slender and quite unlike the famous old vamps who played so many roles like “Cleopatra,” “Salome” and “Carmen” on the sereen, The Theda Baras, Louise Glaums, Rosemary Thebys and Nita Naldis were big women, voluptuously willowy. But while Myrna is slender, she is curvy and possessed of an danee of these, But— “Tt’s mostly in the atcitude—mental and physical, the latver being 9 matter of pose and poise.” Star Gets Break. Plays First Wealthy Girl Role “Naughty Flirt,” Alice White's newest starring vehicle which will be the feature attraction at the ... Theatre beginning ....... is from an original scenario by Ear] Baldwin, who also wrote “Sweet Mama” for Miss White. For the first time in her career the First National star portrays a girl of wealth. Her one interest in life is men and more men. When she finally does meet a struggling young lawyer with whom she falls in love, she has to go through the most trying experiences and really work to win him. Eddie Cliné directed “Naughty Flirt.” The supporting cast includes Myrna Loy, Paul Page, Robert Agnew, Douglas Gilmore, and George Irving. oFLIRT 4 Now at the EARLE THEATRE Cut No. ro abun them and_ those. Cut 20¢ Mat 5c Page Two t | Get A Laughometer To Count ‘ be Laughs “Naughty Flirt” Fle BRLLION DOLLAR, CONTINUCS BROKAY THEATER, 10 Ald © 1550 Ra < / Here's to the boys that pet, And the bovs that haven't yet, I love them each and everyone, There’s none I cannot get! Toast of the Naughty Flirt her smile sper Tempt you W! lips — aut MER Wun and 3 Big CATCHLINES A’ice White on the make for a man who scorns her! % % % She bet she could win him—and won a spanking! % % % A weman spanked is more dangerous than a woman scorned— % % % A straight-laced attorney turns cave man—and the girl loves it— % % % TNT—high voltage—danger! The Naughty Flirt. i % % so Take your cue from cup‘d! % % % The most dangerous thing in the world—a careless blonde! % % % Business fzilure—but oh! What a success at love! % % % He met her—spanked her—and fell in love! % % % Elonce love fire burns uv brunette! But he’s a fireman! % % % A fenin're dynamo with good intentions and a rich pap:——on the make for papa’s partner— THESE EXPERTS HELPED PRODUCE “NAUGHTY FLIRT” From an original story by Screen play and dialogue by Earl Baldwin» Earl Baldwin and Richard Weil Edward Cline Sid Hickox Jack Rollins John J. Hughes Directed by Photographed by Edited by Art Director Vitaphone Varieties Dyna-mites of the Program hes Her Stuff! OFFICIAL 1 First National Pictures, Inc. = presents “FIE NAUGHTY FLIRT” with Alice White : Paul Page — Myrna Loy |. 3 i Adapted from the story by Earl Baldwin Directed by Edward Cline A FIR4T NATIONAL & BILLING VITAPHONE PICTURE ZAMOUS DANCE INSTRUCTOR SAYS STAR HAS ESSENTIALS OF SUCCESSFUL DANCER Marquis’ Carillo Expresses Wish That Alice White, Star Of Naughty Flirt’ Had To Dance For Living ‘‘What it takes to be a dancer, Alice White’s got.’’ These are the sentiments of Marquis Carillo, famous Span‘sh dance instructor of Hollywood, who has the reputation of iaving tutored more dancers who subsequently attained fea‘ured honors, than anyone else since the Charleston era. Carillo is sorry that Miss White is a star in First National sictures. He would like to see her “‘penniless and dependent on laneing alojie for a living!”’ Alice, says Carillo, has the five things rarely found all in me person, that it takes to make a great dancing star. Only a : few others: have this combination; larilyn Mili tnci_Lina Basquette re ineluded, and@ not, strangely nough, such stars‘as Ann Penning on and Gilda |Gray. These, says Yarillo, are marvelous, but specialists. The five things Alice has are: 1. Grit and courage. 2. Constitutional vigor. 3. Perfect reflexes, balance and hythm sense. ? 4, Creativeness. 5. A dancer’s personality. “How necesséry courage is is oroven very “simply,” Carillo delares. “Here, for instance, is Alice aking instructions from me for a ‘ery difficult and strenuous new ance we are perfecting for her next ieture. She has been at it for three veks, and has just reached the most lifficult part. “As she reached the most difficult art of the dance, she also reached he most difficult part of a picture che is doing, ‘Naughty Flirt.’ Dane‘g early in the morning, then at ught after a hard ten or twelve ‘ours at the studio, she became so ery tired. “Ordinarily I am hard-hearted in raining dancers. It is the only way 9 make good dar.cers of them. But then, too, I have had very courageous cancers collapse from nervous exhaustion. “One day Miss White worked from eight in the morning to ten at night in the picture, then came for her dancing lesson. T saw she was so tired she could hardly stand, but she wanted to keep her appointment for the lessons J] gay: “You are a little fool.” She |says: ‘Why, I am not tired.” Of course I did not let her dance. But it takes courage to give a little lie like that!” Miss White took up both dancing and singing just before entering the movies, because she photographed so badly in an early, poorly-made test that she decided \-o try for a stage rather than a movie career! Paul Page, Robert Agnew, Myrna Loy and other, favorites support Miss White in “Naughty Flirt,” an adaptation. by jEarl Baldwin and Richard Weii of Frederick UL. Bowen’s story. The picture, a first National and Vitaphone “special,” is coming t@ the: ....0... Theatre { a ait » OHIO Wararcs 4 Sc) She vamp’em by the dozen—but the boy she wanted most — she couldn’t get! with Alice White Paul Page Myrna Loy A FIRST NATIONAL & VITAPHONE HIT Vitaphone Accessories Available at your local exchanges are many Vitaphone accessories that will help you cash in on the million dollar paign, mats; Vitaphone advertising camFree trade mark cuts and Vita paper and a free Vitaphone Vitaphone slug cuts; phone 24-sheet are on hand. Ask your accessory manager.