The Naughty Flirt(Warner Bros.) (1931)

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LENGTH (Vitaphone) 5183 Feet RUNNING TIME 57 Minutes WILL ET THE CROWDS | =F SYNOPSIS — (Not For Publication) Kay Elliott, a giddy young New York debutante who has had about every experience a girl of her age and position can manage and whose life is one prolonged quest for a new thrill, is giving a party at the Embassy Roof in honor of her annual expulsion from Miss Baynor’s Select School for Young Ladies when she and her guests are arrested for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. They are hailed into night court where after they have paid their fines the crowd decides that Kay should oblige by marrying Jack Gregory, a young man about town. Alan Ward, a junior attorney associated with Kay’s father, John R. Elliott, is an until he learns Kay’s identity and calls her father to tell him of his daughter’s plans. Mr. Elliott tells Allen to bring Kay home immediately. He accordingly picks her up bodily and carries her: kicking and screaming to a taxi. On the way home Kay decides she likes Alan but he treats her very coldly. Kay sends Alan invitation after invitation which he completely ignores. She finally succeeds in getting him to a country club dance when she tells him that it is in honor of her father’s birthday anniversary. Jack Gregory and his sister are bankrupt and they have long been plotting to arrange Jack’s marriage to Kay in an effort to recoup their shattered finances. They resort to numerous tricks to keep them apart at the dance but Kay finally manages to get Alan alone. She steers him out into the garden where he blossoms forth under her encouragement and proposes. Before he leaves the dance Alan overhears Wilbur Fairchild say that Kay had wagered a large sum of CAST OF CHARACTERS | interested spectator money that she could make him propose. Alan is incensed and tells Kay that she is simply man-crazy. She goes to work in her father’s office to re-capture his affection. She succeeds and the romance sails merrily along once dgain until the event of the houseparty announcing their engagement. . Jack and Linda are given rooms next to one another. The rooms are connected by at inside door. They scheme to have Alan and Linda caught in a compromising situation. Jack acéordingly secretly puts his bags in Alan’s room and Alan’s bags in the room next to Linda. Linda dors her briefest and most seductive negligee and calls for help, 3) -—~é at_ she feels faint. Alaji 4fets out of hed and rushes in to see if he can help her when other: gutests appear on the scene. Jack { stoutly affirms that Linda has been compromised. Kay will not let Alan explain. She returns his rings and once again embarks upon a career of pleasureseeking that makes her previous scandals look a bit; pale. Kay and Jack are playing \golf when in a moment of unusuall depression she accepts his proposal. They start immediately to be married by a justice of the pedce in a nearby village. Wilbur does no} join the party but goes to tell Alan, who is playing at the far end of the golf course. He dashes off to interrupt the marriage ceremony. Arrived at the court house he decides it would be poor sjportsmanship to try to prevent Kay’s marriage and is about to leave} when Kay who has only begun jto see through Linda’s scheming,| answers in the negotive to the | justice of the peace’s question. | She hails Alan who agrees to supplant Jack as the bridegroom. 1 KAY ELLIOTT, a wild impulsive flapper Zafar eneotteeee | eae Alice White ALAN WARD, LINDA GREGORY, a junior attorney in her father’s law \firm ~ a social butterfly, bankrupt and unscrupulous WILBUR FAIRCHILD, son of a wealthy jeweler —4-- Paul Page |_...._Myrna Loy Robert Agnew TACK GREGORY, Linda’s brother, a playboy ase [ouglas Gilmore JOHN R. ELLIOTT; Kay’s father Juvenile ead Robert Agnew, who achieved fame in silent pictures as juvenile lead with such luminaries as Alice Joyce, Billie Burke, Norma Talmadge, Pola Negri and Gloria Swanson, finds himself cast in similar roles in talking pictures. Now he supports Alice White and Myrna Loy, shining lights of the audibles. His work with Miss White in “Naughty Flirt,” will be seen locally when the First National and Vitaphone picture comes to the Pierce. Theatre PRINTED IN U. 8S. A. |. George Irving | u Myrna Loy Is Dancer Myrna Loy, onje of the talking screen’s most exotile beauties, studies sculpturing with { Pedretti, of the monument #90 World War her “t i Pershing Square, creator oes which stands Los Angeles. She eas also modeled for some of the-artist’s best-known works. Miss Lojy’s latest film appearance is in “Naughty Flirt,” the First National and Vitaphone production starring Alice White, and which opens @..|..... day engagement at the..... ; . Theatre ase ae: KING ;FIRST NATIONAL f;, Amp Vitae Hone PICTURES _REG. a FIRST NATIONAL PICTURES The Story At A Glance (Brief Synopsis ) “Naughty Flirt” presents Alice White as a young woman of wealth who has a great time being expelled from exclusive schools and chasing men. Paul Page is the young attorney with whom she falls in love but who isn’t interested in her because she is man-crazy. They finally become _ engaged. Myrna Loy wants to have her brother, Douglas Gilmore, marry Alice so they will come in for a share of her money, and Myrna succeeds in temporarily breaking off Alice’s romance. Alice’s father, George Irving, and a friend, Robert Agnew, help her to re-capture Page’s attention by threatening to let her marry Gilmore. Paul and Alice are married by a country justice of the peace. “‘Naughty Flirt” is a great picture for women and collegiates. Alice White and Myrna Loy look gorgeous in an array of stunning new gowns. The Naughty F lirt! ay Se Cut No. 17 Cut 15¢c Mat 5c Paul Page and Alice White who play the principal parts in the First National and Vitaphone picture, “Naughty Flirt,” coming to the Theatre starting... : a snappy, fast moving comedy of a girl who gets every man except the one she wants. Cut No. 11 a 5C Cut 20¢ of Are You Making Use Service? Exploitation Section; the New Anagram See the Pages 6 and 7 “NAUGHTY FLIRT” HEADING BILL | Aq 2. . PROVES TO BE EXCITINGLY ENTERTAINING Good Characterizations Feature Work Of Alice White, Paul Page, and Myrna Loy in Lead Roles Alice White has done it again! The public has become accustomed to expecting her to go right along turning out snappy, consistently entertaining little talkies, and the crowds who have witnessed her performance in “Naughty Flirt,” now CuUrITOnL atte 2 an es Theatre agree that she tops her previous efforts in. this unpretentious but thoroughly satisec. tot offering. Alice White is cftteabtedly one of the brightest personalities in pictures. She has a charm all her own which records well in the medium of talking films. She is particularly fitted to shrewish roles, such as she has in her present opus. “Naughty Flirt” is about Kay Elliott, a debutante who has too much money and too many boyfriends. She gets into one scrape after another in her effort to fool her. In this manner she acquires the men before they fool her. In this manner she acquires the reputation of being man-crazy. Undaunted, she continues to mix her adventure and her romance iilladvisedly until she meets the man she really falls in love with. She is pursued by a fortune-hunting parasite and his scheming sister who almost break up her love affair but she proves herself too clever for their dupes and winds up with her prize safely saying “yes” before the justice of the peace. Alice White is one of the rew. actresses who could make the harum-. scarum Kay a convincing person. As it is, she is about the most diverting heroine of the season. Alice twists, pouts, cries, and flirts and the audience loves it. Paul Page, as Alan Ward, the object of Kay’s affections, is perfeetly cast. He presents a convineing portrayal of the young attorney who has learned to be wary of feminine wiles. Page is! more perfeetly suited to Miss White than any leading man she has had recently. Myrna Loy gives a flawless per: formance as a scheming fortune hunter seeking to arrange an advantageous marriage for her brother. Gone is the exotic Myrna of other days and in her stead is a hard, beautiful, and fascinating adventuress. Boberk Agnew is satisfactory as a comedy juvenile while Douglas Gilmore does a conventional “heavy,” who seems really human. George Irving is Kay’s father. Although they do not receive sereen credit, Thelma Hill, Marilyn Morgan, and Sidney Bartlett deserve mention for outstanding “bits.” Eddie Cline’s direction is sure and swift with the comedy clicking along at a steady pace. Peppy dialogue characterizes the entire film. “Naughty Flirt” is one of those program pictures that can be heartily recommended as a pleasant way to spend an evening. | SUMMARY! “The Naughty Flirt’’ is a speedy comedy-drama of a girl who has a dozen boy-friends, but can’t get the one she really loves. It’s modern, up-to-date and ground. A show that is worth your best advertising and ex ploitation efforts! clever! A boarding school backse Page One