The House across the Street (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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HOU — = Sennen Asia THE STORY OF A =i LE TU THE STORY OF A REDHEADED SHIL ¥ _ WARNER BROS. ‘TAWE WORE ANS PAGE SIX-SHEET 8: tans, | THREE-SHEET JNU SA SalI HOI = liz | THE STORY OF A REDHEADED SHILL! al Ri DRE WE MORRIS BRE B SRICHARD BARE ces coe RUBSELL MEGHES seco oes nae NN COLORED 11x14s SET OF 8 ONE-SHEET =U “LATEST VITAPHONE SHORTS “SPILLS AND CHILLS” . . . Hair-breadth stunts high in the air, and death-courting auto-speedsters make this short sure seat-edge entertainment. 9606... Sports News Review — 10 min. “THE WINDBLOWN HARE” .. . Bugs Burtny buys the straw and the wooden houses from the three little pigs. When the wolf blows the house down, Bugs gets revenge. 9722... Bugs Bunny Technicolor Special — 7 min. “SPORTS NEW AND OLD”... Highlights of tennis, soccer, swimming, sailing, horse racing and many other modern sports are presented against a background of Egypt, the land of ancient marvels. 9912...Sports Parade — 10 min. “SO YOU’RE HAVING IN-LAW TROUBLE” .. . Joe MeDoakes has troubles aplenty when his family and his in-laws come to dinner and stage a verbal battle royal. 5406... Joe McDoakes Comedy — 10 min. Sal 40x60 INSERT CARD NOTE: One 22x28 and Slide Also Available HN UNA