The House across the Street (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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“THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET” FLASH HERALD | gra yhe SHOE oe sh : joning ene THREAT a8 BILLING: piAyoal For LOCAL PRINTING Just right for this show! Tie in merchant for co-op imprinting on reverse side of herald. Size — approximately a” xs 2 ORDER Mat No. 710-401-X from National Screen Service. py HERE \ CONTEST IDEA Works with Cooperating Newspaper Newspaper photog shoots street scene candids of several houses in town, picked at random. Newspaper runs one shot daily. eeellllityin, one ; aia | the November electil abt the ar qu aa wo. Accompanying cut-line reads: Is this ‘The House Across the Street’ from you? If so come to the Strand Theatre with proper proof and get your two guest tickets to the new Warner Bros. picture of that title opening Friday, September 12th. Also, residents of this house may claim guest ticket prizes too! Easy-To-Make LOBBY SHADOW BOX There’s A Secret In Every Window! § “THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET Silhouetted “house” made of compo board painted black and glued to black-lined shadow box. Flasher bulbs inside light up to reveal scene stills spotted against back of box. Play date copy below. FREE? RADIO RECORDS Popular feature for air-minded exhibs! Separate 5=Minute Interviews with JANIS PAIGE ALAN HALE Order From Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor 321 W. 44th St. New York 18, N. Y. TRAILER COPY THIS MAN can’t TELL — THIS MAN won't TELL — THIS WOMAN IS AFRAID TO TELL ABOUT THE STRANGE THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN “THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET” A HOUSE OF MYSTERY ON A STREET OF DANGER EVERY MOMENT BRINGS startling new ADVENTURES STORE WIND JP-644 WM-271 Hair Ornaments Men’s Wear O W S T i L L S Order “Window Stills No. 710”, available as set of 5 or individually from National Screen. BB-24 Sweaters Bates 710-22 Costume Jewelry