The House across the Street (Warner Bros.) (1949)

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WARNER BROS. SENSATIONS OFA REDHEADED THE CAST “RACKET Dave Joslin _..... Wayne Morris Kit Williams........ Janis Paige Keever ............ Bruce Bennett Greanel oo: Alan Hale Marty Bremer. James Mitchell Beth Roberts... Barbara Bates Carl Schrader..James Holden Reporter..... Ray Montgomery GIRL’ -eeBold As Any Headline! THE HOUSE ACROSS HE STREET WAYNE MORRIS JANIS PAIGE BRuce BENNETT “7 DIRECTED BY RICHAR D BARE + Screen Play by Russell Hughes + From a story by Roy Chanslor THE PRODUCTION Produced by Saul Elkins. Directed by Richard Bare. Screen Play by Russell Hughes. From a Story by Roy Chanslor. Photographed by William Snyder, A. S. C. Art Director Hugh Reticker. Film Editor Frank Magee. Sound by Everett A. Brown. Dialogue Director John Maxwell. Set Decorator G. W. Berntsen. Makeup Artist Pere Westmore. Music by William Lava. Orchestrations Charles Maxwell. Assistant Director Elmer Decker. Unit Manager Don Page. Mat 301 — 3 cols. x 10% inches (438 lines) (Also in 2-col. size. See page 3) THE STORY (Not for Publication ) Managing editor Wayne Morris runs a series of articles in his newspaper against racketeer Bruce Bennett. Publisher Alan Hale, threatened with a libel suit, transfers him to the “Bewildered Hearts” Department. On this assignment, Morris encounters a blonde whose boy friend, James Holden, is unable to account for his strange disappearance the previous night. With girl reporter Janis Paige, Morris traces Holden’s whereabouts that night to a rooming house where he learns that he is connected with the murder of the star witness in the Bennett fraud case. Bennett’s leg-man, James Mitchell, gets his orders to halt this unofficial investigation. He attempts to run Janis down with his car, and tackles Morris unsuccessfully with a gun. The two reporters keep on, however, and gather photographic proof of Bennett’s guilt, enough evidence to convict him of murder. Morris goes back to his managing editor spot with Janis at his side. Running Time: 69 Minutes