The Florentine Dagger (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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ADVERTISING THE LAST OF THE CRIME OF THE BLOODY THE CENTURIES! BORGIAS | Planned in the Middle Ages! Committed in 1935! ST RI KES Is the last of the Bloody In the Third Borgias guilty of the diabolic Great CLUE CLUB Mystery! Ben Hecht’s fantastic thriller filmed by the master makers of screen mysteries... killing his murderous ancestors plotted 300 years ago?... A Warner Bros. picture with DONALD WOODS ‘MARGARET LINDSAY Cc. AUBREY SMITH A Warner Bros. picture with DONALD WOODS MARGARET LINDSAY C. AUBREY SMITH e HENRY O’NEILL e ROBERT BARRAT THEATRE 176 Lines Mat No. 13—20c 172 Lines Mat, No: 12—20c¢ A DAGGER STAINED WITH THE BLOOD OF CENTURIES Ben Hecht’s 54 Lines Mat No. 9—20c 58 Lines Mat No. 8—20c ..-PLUNGED gre TO THE HILT § ‘THE FLORENTINE DAGGER t Werner Hees. pactare with DONALD WOOCS MARGARET LINDSAY My Mu, Lig, lta DONALD WOODS © MARGARET LINDSAY “THE FLORENTINE DAGGER A Warner Brox. picture with DONALD WOODS MARGARET LINDSAY 20 Lines Mat No. 15—10Oc Ain ies. Wiat. No. 16-— te 38 Lines Mat No. 20—10c Page Nine