The Famous Ferguson Case (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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IT WILL BLAST YOU RIGHT OUT B= OF YOUR SEAT!! CAMPAIGN I8 For the first time in history, the screen takes you behind the scenes of an actual murder trial! , Reveals the facts even the newspapers dare not print! FAMOUS | : | FERGUSON Ad No. 5 ean be the : FAM > U 6 basis of an entire CASE A Crime You've Read About — Learn The Whole Uncensored Truth campaign. Other ads following the same with layout ean read AN BLONDELL y ne Se Vivienne “The Famous Fer Osborne, Kenneth Thomson, Tom Brown guson Case” opens today, new evidence introduced in ‘The Famous Ferguson Case,” ete. A FIRST NATIONAL and VITAPHONE HIT! with TARTS TODAY seumament €& AN D wii dal NOW PLAYING DIRECTED BY LLOYD BACON = S 1 RA N D Cut No. 5 on roc Cut No. 4 Cut 20c Mat 5c Cut No. 17 Cut 4oc Mat roc Page Six