The Famous Ferguson Case (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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SHOODUANUQSOOUUUIVONUOOONUUUOOOUUAELOOAEOUOAEOUOUUE UU OEEAOOGE EE Did She Know who killed George Ferguson, millionaire clubman? Was she guilty of shielding a murderer? Now you can learn the truth about the crime that shocked the nation! :FAMOU FERGUSON CASE 22: starring JOAN BLONDELL Leslie Fenton, Vivienne Osborne, Tom Brown, Adrienne Dore STRAND IHILUNUUUAQUQUUNNGAQUQOOQOGONNE000000000CTEREEREEEECEUUUEOOREEEOEEEULAOCO CEE Cut No. 16 Cut 20c Mat sc NOW STRAND prayinc ‘FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE fells al// Cut No. 20 Cut 20c Mat 5c AT LAST! Learn The Whole Truth Abcut The Brooks-Ferguson Slaying Never Tod. ! Mazie Dickson, t, Reporter Who Gi: : _ the Story. Be. JUDD BRO 5 FAMOUS FERGUSON ™ CASE The most amazing drama of the year WITH JOAN BLONDELL ~~ LESLIE FENTON, VIVIENNE OSBORNE peek bey Directed by LLOYD BACON OPENS TOMORROW STRAND MRS. FER: N A FIRST NATIONAL and VITAPHONE PICTURE Cut No. 13: Cut goc Mat roc EN From Those Who Knew, but aa WAS THIS BEAUTIFUL OPENS TODAY M YOUNG SOCIETY GIRL & a A MURDERESS?. B12 |RAND ce Did lovely Marcia Ferguson plot the slaying of her ae wealthy mate? a Was she guilty of an illicit love affair with Judd Brooks? ae Did the prosecution suppress incriminating testimony nea to save a rich woman from the gallows? LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UN. ANSWERED QUESTIONS OF THE MOST SENSATIONAL MURDER TRIAL OF THE | 'THE DECADE! .... FAMOUS ERGUSON | C A S : tells all! with JOAN BLONDELL LESLIE FENTON — VIVIENNE OSBORNE — Brecred by SLOW BACON Cut No. 14° Cut 60¢ Mat roc { Page Five