The Famous Ferguson Case (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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CAST OF CHARACTERS ee Ue Ea on a gS as fC ae Joan BLONDELL (TAS (708 aS airy ae oA Rea ADEE LAS Deka DA Tom Brown UE Es SE Sa ea Se cine. 2a Mae aN ADRIENNE DORE OO CE oS aS aC eMie SR Re aa DUD. Eee a be A WALTER MILLER a a a LEsLIE FENTON Bie. arcs Ferguson VIVIENNE OSBORNE eer yy ae a a ee J. CARROLL NaIsu Der runon es a ee ay PURNELL PRATT ee Clana ec RussELL Hopron pO) ba eee EN a ee KENNETH THOMSON BUR POT Ae GOVERN 0c I ne Grant MITCHELL MAT RUE a ee eta WiILL1AM Burress A ON MESSE SORE ICRI aStp at, RUPE GHaieie rcs AE ee mame Harry SHUTAN SEER Tee SES OP ah ea aR ae CAE) Tela Re RUSSELL SIMPSON rs Rg ST Sh ee A te a ae Leon WaAyYCOFF ainceay pantionan 3 Phos ee Ne CLARK WALLIS RUMOR Sek 1 NES paar a ee OS en AN UN a Dick Curtiss by Tay les 21 ee td eRe DESMAN ANE G0 Ae SS WON MririAM SEGAR (Oy cp ie cies ene ARNE So Peale era eA roe A aed RU RS EN S. CHARTERS ROMY Store 8 ee ye a es a CLARENCE WILSON cB Ugh CS 0 Al RUB SORE ae DL Fle AGONY steer WILLARD ROBERTSON Weta iar rhe eC FRED BURTON DR anne ECA ye pal a ie eS Re JEAN LAVERTY DNR OCT ero aN be ea BerT HANLON NP TCE SOOLUOTS oes i UN oat ho gh GreorcEe MEEKER eT eae OTE aie SUH cae LOA aPrnmel tmea OaRANL ss delta oem testa MIKE Don Lin Willard Robertson, Vivienne Osborne and Tom Brown in a_ scene from First National’s “‘The Famous Ferguson Case.” Cui No. 2 Cut 30c Mat roc PRODUCTION STAFF DOr ry a ee Granville Moore and Courtenay Terrett Adaptation byl Courtenay Terrett and Harvey Thew BV ye ae Rie mates OMe eer a Uae naa Ae ANAM ae eaa A Lloyd Bacon Penis serene si a a Ben Silvey RptOe rena yc te ee ee Dev Jennings Page Two THESE FAC WILL HELP YOU SELL BIOGRAPHICAL B. JOAN BLONDELL — Screen’s most magnetic girl, a finished artist on stage and screen. Pictures include “Sinners’ Holiday,” “Public Enemy,” . “Office Wife,” “Tllicit,” “My Past,” “Other Men’s Women,” “Blonde Crazy” “Union Depot,” “The Crowd Roars,” “The Famous Ferguson Case.” ADRIENNE DORE—Sensational as “Miss America” beauty,” trained on stage and in Paramount roles, reecntly signed by Warner Bros. Latest releases “Alias the Doctor,” “Union Depot,” “Old Man Minick,” “The Rich Are Always With Us,” “The Famous Ferguson Case.” VIVIENNE OSBORNE — One of screen’s most stunning women and a talented actress. Recent releases “Husband’s Holiday,’ “Beloved Bachelor,” “Two Kinds of Women,” “The Famous Ferguson Case.” GRANT MITCHELL — Celebrated stage and screen star, remembered for “The Champion.” Most recent releases “Man to Man,” “The Star Witness,” “The Famous Ferguson Case.” LESLIE FENTON — Feature of “American Tragedy” on stage, since then a standout in his every TABLE OF SyNGOPSis st BS Roping ‘Time: oo Birographiesy aol) via es i peat iee Official “Billing 22 CoN eek sae un genas Advance Stories i SegiNias Newspaper Ads7a2@63-).0 3 i Program Suuis 724 be Sie REVIEW 2 Sees Ce te on 7 . a S picture. Releasinelude “Public Enemy,” “Riek, » “The Guilty Generation,” |“ Hatchet Man,” “The Famous KENNETH Tl stage lead fc other big sta “Bad Compa “Affair,” “Th “Broadway | lamy Trial,” Famous Ferg TOM BROWN with big fol and as NBC tures to date, “Brown of Cy Kid,” “Thies Case.” LEON WAYCO}l from New ¥¢ releases to dc * ders in the R Famous Ferg LLOYD Bé numerous | son’s “The inelude * men,” “S) “Office Wi Dick,” “Fi “Manhattan Famous Fer, CONTENT! Exploitation 0 Banner) a Se e Accessories) 2) uson Case.” ON — Noted . lie Burke and eleases include “A Notorious er Tomorrow,” 7? “The Belmagine,” “The Jase.” r juvenile star, on Broadway feature. Pic3 Lady Lies,” “The Jockey jus Ferguson Recent recruit tage. Picture ‘ayed in “Murgue” and “The Jase.” Director of ning with JolFool.” Others lion FrenchYieumay: . INO,” Tight,” “Moby ve My Child,” Zeand “The se.” THE FAMC JS FERGUSON CASE" SYNOPSIS (Not for Publication ) Bruce Foster a reporter on a small town newspaper, is constantly urged by the girl he loves, Tony Martin, the society editor on the paper, to break into the newspaper game in the big city. While he is debating on what to do, a big story breaks in the town. Ferguson, a New York banker living in the small town, is found murdered and his wife gagged and bound. Bruce phones to the New York papers, hoping to get an opportunity at big city work. The case is of such importance that the New York newspapers send up reporters. They dig up a scandal between Mrs. Ferguson and Judd Brooks, a cashier in the local bank, and finally cause the arrest of the couple on a charge of murdering the woman’s husband. Bruce, however, believing in the innocence of the couple, gets to work quietly to verify Mrs. Ferguson’s story. The reporters persuade the county attorney to bring about a trial, digging up evidence to point to the couple as the slayers. The county attorney is awed by their importance and brings the case to trial. Maizie, a disillusioned sob sister of the New York press, who is the estranged wife of Parks, a reporter, has been trying to protect Tony from her philandering husband. But Tony resents Maizie’s interference, and is so infatuated with Parks that he has finally gotten her into a compromising position. Just when things look pretty bad for the couple, Bruce learns from Boston police that two criminals have confessed to the murder. He telephones to the New York press and there is a big shake-up among the reporters, some of them being fired. After a terrible tirade from one of the more dignified reporters, they set off for New York. Maizie, however, decides she has had enough of scandal and plans to live in the small town. Tony, on the other hand, rushes o the train to join Parks, determined to become a metropolitan reporter. Maizie helps her board the train and turns to Bruce, who is also on the depot platform, asking him for the job which Tony is leaving. LINC eb Wes ae ia RUNINING TIME ao) RP Rn eas OfZ6) FEEY Wie) a SE MAIN GORES OFFICIAL BILLING First National Pictures, Inc. 5% presents “THE FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE” 100% with Joan Blondell 60% Vivienne Osborne 40% Grant Mitchell 20% Directed by Lloyd Bacon 20% A First National and Vitaphone Production 40% . a Joan Blondell as she appears in First National’s “The Famous Ferguson Case.” Supporting Miss Blondell in this picture are Tom Brown, Vivienne Osborne, Leslie Fenton and Grant Mitchell. Cut No.1 Cut 1s5sc Mat 5c We Suggest The Following Vitaphone Short Subjects For a Balanced Program A BIG STAR COMEDY featuring one of the popular Broadway stars, such as Harry Richman, Phil Baker, Walter O’Keefe, Dr. Rockwell, Fred and Adele Astaire, William and Joe Mandell, Fanny Watson and Thelma White. (Each 2 Reels). and /or RUTH ETTING, famous Ziegfeld Follies star in a “Broadway Brevity.” (2 Reels). and /or A LOONEY TUNE. Inimitable song cartoon with Bosko. (1 Reel). and /or A MELODY MASTER band short. Peppy, zippy song stories with the country’s most popular orchestra leaders. (1 Reel).