The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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“| Admit First 23 Grandpas Many theatres throughout the nee country, including the big New York Strand admitted the first 25 LOBBY FRAY : SUGGESTION 1000 2000... $3.00 Per M THROWAWAYS 3000 -5000.... 2.50 PerM (Over 5000... .. 2.00 Per M DR. STRAND THEATRE Oldest Grandpa In Town With the cooperation of your newspaper, a search can be made for the oldest grandpa in town. This kind of local news is always welcomed by live wire newsPapers. After the old gent has been found, make him your special guest of honor at a showing of “The Expert’? and have him talk about same for newspaper publication. Perhaps, (and this depends entirely upon grandpa’s financial status) you can use him for a street ballyhoo. If the newspapers have given him enough publicity, he should prove an excellent attraction both on the street and in your lobby. A lot of theatre managers see too much of their advertising solicitors and not enough of their editors. Now is the time to reverse the condition and let the news columns help you sell ‘““The Expert’’ as well as the advertising columns. Edna Ferber Book Display ‘The Expert”’ is an unpublished book by Edna Ferber, but this should not prevent you from arranging an ‘‘Edna Ferber Book Display’’ with your local book shops. In the center of the display, you can have a cut-out or enlarged still of Chic Sale with proper theatre name and title credit. Page Ten Selling To The Public! Your Lobby Keep your lobby quite up-todate. Avoid too much rural atmosphere. The enlarged stills of Chic Sale and Dickie Moore will, in themselves, suggest the type of picture ‘‘The Expert’ is. It is much more profitable to sell ‘“The Expert’ on the style of Chaplin’s “The Kid’ than from the rural angle. ‘The Greatest Pair Of Pals That Ever Walked The Earth’’ and “It Will Make You Think That This Is A Great World After All’’ are catchlines that should be prominently displayed. Other catchlines can be lifted from the ads. Cut-outs of Chic Sale holding the hand of Dickie Moore will help. It is important to rémember that ‘“‘The Expert’ lobby needs more selling lines than illustration. Don’t put up a single lobby frame or standee or cut-out that hasn’t the kind of copy that sells and sells and sells. Don’t depend on illustration and the stars’ names to draw them in. They’re big, but you can make them bigger with high-powered and sentimental catchlines PROMINENTLY displayed. Be Sure to Use the Nowelty Herald Stills Moore 21 and OM Pub A Stills OM Pub F and Moore: oui Stills Moore 21 and Sale 1 or 50 blondes to the showing of “Blonde Crazy,’’ a Warner Bros. picture with James Cagney and Joan Blondell. The same stunt can be worked with ‘‘The Expert.’’ Admit the first 25 or 50 grandpas, or grandpas and grandsons. If you pull this stunt, be sure to give it plenty of advertising in your newspaper ads, in your lobby and on your screen. Take a photograph of the grandpas. It will make good local newspaper news. THE EXPERT IS A “NATURAL” _. FOR YOUR KIDDIE CLUB Street Stunt A good old-fashioned horse and buggy (the older the better, and that goes for the horse, too) will make an excellent street ballyhoo. Fix up a man to look like Chic Sale and have him drive the contraption around town. Of course, it must be properly bannered. At intervals, the old gent can get out and fix something that is apparently wrong with the buggy or horse. After a crowd gathers to watch him, he can give them a little spiel and distribute a few heralds. It’s a good stunt and inexpensive. Chie Sale hnitation Contest A contest with prizes to the fellows who can give the best imitation of ‘“‘Chic‘’ Sale in character, using their own dialogue will undoubtedly cause a lot of comment. Conduct the contest on the stage of your theatre. Tieup with a local costumer where wigs and whiskers can be hired at a reduced rate. Make the prizes worthy of the effort of the contestants. Auto Mechanics Radio Shops Beauty Parlors and Barber Shops are Especially Good Prospects for Window Tie-Ups on ‘‘The Expert’’ 5 morning? to see ling tool cardboard. Toy Matinee Exhibitors everywhere have been having tremendous success with toy matinees. The idea is to make a toy the admission ticket for children on a special Saturday morning performance for your kiddie club. One exhibitor in the Middle West recently tied up this stunt with a local unemployed carpenter who fixed the broken toys before they were donated to a Children’s Institution. As a result of his work, one of the regular theatre's patrons gave him a job and the newspapers had many kind words for the theatre and its management. “The Expert’’ is a natural for this kind of stunt and you should take full advantage of it. BROADWAY and 47th STREET Does your stomack feel empty when you awake in the Does your purse feel weak after a “heavy date”? Does a big meal tend to lessen your appetite? t | Do your eyes burt after dooking at a pretty giri? Does time weigh heavily on your bands? If you are afflicted with any of these ailments be sure “THE EXPERT” FEB. 21 to FEB. 23 He'll answer all your questions, settle all your problems and tell you all he knows about the Scandinavian sewer | system, the Swiss navy and the art of Greco Roman wrest| Send your name and playdate with your order to manufacturer. Not available from your local exchange but must be ordered direct from manufacturer. Printed on heavy EXPLOITATION PRINTERS 20 West 22nd St., N. Y. as Sa | Teaser Campaign On the next page you will find teaser campaign copy and the special teaser cut illustrating the way to use cut and copy. Use them one week in advance. Spot them throughout the news ‘ paper. It is not necessary to con fine these teasers to the amusement page. You can use two or three a day as they are very small and inexpensive. These teaser cuts are made up in such a way as to allow substitution and changes, which can tie up directly with local events in your town. For instance, if you are in the midst of a political campaign, you can use the line: “The Expert”? knows who is going to win the election. Other headline news can be used in a similar manner.