The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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Co) "CHIC” SALE DIC KI = MOORE THEATRE SUGGESTED LAYOUTS FOR AD MEN WHO “ROLL THEIR OWN” Hero of many a heart battle . . . Wearing the wounds of those he loved nd left. A gay old dog who couldn’t be house-broken. c THEYAEL STEALY: YOUR: HEART AWAY! D SHORTS AND _ PRICE POLICY. } Brings You 2 New Kind of | love / | EDNA FERBERS "CHIC" SALE DICKIE MOORE 5. SE RE EN ALON al ge THEATRE Ce A love that makes you n gulp one moment a guffaw the next. F THEY LL STEAL YOUR HEART AWAY! *Based on the story ‘“‘Old Man Minick.” ! —they took your breath in ‘‘The Star Witness’? — they'll steal your h2art in “The Expert.” A New Kin d OF LOVE / f _@ eb Headline | H 2S HOW THEY RAVE | G | | Qu @ from review on page 8 vf EDNA FERBERS The Capelo7 “CHIC.” SALE . DICKIE MOOPE -_-—— For a real good HEART O TO THEY’LL STEAL ae HEART AWAY! HEART TALKIE get together ms with The story of a gay old dog who could not be house-broken. . L ( <: SHORTS Page Nine Headline | gy FINE! SO HUMAN! SO REAL! | You can’t imagine what absorbing entertainment you'll get from the combined genius of these three.