The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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/ / They took The Author of ‘‘Cimaryour breath in ron’? Has Done It Again! “The Star | Witness”, , EDNA if ERBER speaks the language of the human heart and wins the hearts. of millions! In “Cimarron” she gave you the biggest screen hit of 1931. And now in— They'll steal | your heart * in see / Edna Ferbers : Leushiear i of 184 aM Y ne “CHIC” SALE and THE EXPERT DICKIE MOORE with The stars who thrilled you in acy call SALE “The Star Witness” a, DICKIE MOORE Together again in The Laughtear Hit of the Season! STRAND A Warner Bros. Picture __/*Based on the story “Old Man ~ ~\Minick,'T by the famous author of “Cimarron”! STRAND A Warner Bros. Picture *Based on the story “Old Man Minick". THUR. RI. SAT. Cut No.2 Cut 20c Mat 5c Cut No. 1 Cut 4oc Mat roc Felitel Gerbers of the Season i""* EXPERT Cut No. 16 Cut 4oc Mat roc THE LAUGHTEAR HIT OF THE SEASON!... Pathos Plus— Merriment Multiplied—in A House Divid © d by the convulsing crotchets of an outlawed “In-Law’’—a Gay Old Dog who couldn’‘t be “House-Broken”! Every Mother’s Son-in-Law must see it! “THE EXPERT” Edna Ferber —who wroie “Cimarron”,"the best picture of 1931” with “CHIC” SALE and DICKIE MOORE — lovable stars of “The Star Witness” © TOMORROW ® A Warner Bros. Picture *Based on the story “Old Man Minick” Cut No. 4 Cut 80c Mat 20c BUILD ADDITIONAL TWO-COLUMN ADS AROUND THESE EFFECTIVE SLUGS Laughtear Hit with ‘“CHIC’’ SALE and DICKIE MOORE with ed = | (onaaan 7.) Bt 3 Nighi MOORE A p O L L O Cut No. 17 Cut 4oc Mat roc NOW PLAYING ORPHEUM Page Seven