The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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But all Syracuse wanis— THE EXPERT: —to show them how to Laugh in One Hundred Easy Lessons! Another great heart-to-heart story by the author of “Cimarron”— rv ed Gerber with the lovable, laughable stars of “The Star Witness”— “CHIC” SALE ana DICKIE MOORE The Laughtear Hit of the Season! STRAND AK Warner Bros. Picture *Based on the story “Old Man Minick’* Cut No.8 Cut 60c Mat r5¢ Page Six Edna Fe ers mr : “CHIC” SALE DICKIE OORE A WARNER BROS _ PICTURE Cut No.19 Cut20c tat 5c | TRE ‘ a & : oe “Women! men! Can't live th ’em — Can't live v tout ’em! Its— “ Cf EXPE AT” Speaking from «perience — and what Ex erience] Edna Fi ‘bers Laughtear Hito he Season “CHIC” SALE and DICKIE MOORE A WARNER BROS. PICTURE Yased on the ty “Old Man Minick” Cut No. 7 Cut 20¢ a with “CHIC” SALE= DICKIE MOORE Cut No. 18 Cut 20c Mat 5c If you have Cheers prepare to give them— If you have Tears prepare to shed them— TONITE at Edna Ferbers Laughtear Hit of the Season ™ EXPERT: with “euyc’? SALE and Die SIF MOORE The story of a sirong man’s will — and a woman’s stronger" Won't’! STRAND A Warner Bros. Picture *Based on the story ‘‘Old Man Minick’’ Cut No.5 Cut 20c Mat 5c ME <CHANDISE THE STRAND A Misunderstood Man who Understood Women! Ouilaw among in-laws — a nuisance to everyone except the only one who really knew him — a little child! Edna Yerbers EXPERT another great hit from the famous author of ’ Cimarron!” with SSS A WARNER BROS, PICTURE *Based on the Story ‘‘Old Man Minick” Cut No. 3 Cut 4oc Mat roc