The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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EXPERT CROWDS Mle NITE 8 p.m. WA CRON ER: Be RAO Sr STRAND B'way & 47th St. 35c to 1 p. m. What men don’t know about women — and women don’t know about men! Revealed by — THE DID YOU SEE » » » THEN you know what thrills you can expect from “CHIC” SALE!» » | with ‘CHIC SALE and DICKIE MOORE A First National Picture *Based on story “Old The LAUGHTEAR Hit of the Season! EDNA FERBER Famous author of “Cimarron” “CHIC” SALE ana DICKIE MOORE Lovable stars of. “The Star Witness” ‘Warner Bros, Picture Cut No. 21 Cut 60c Mat rsc PALACE Cut No.6 Cut 20c Mat 5c MARRON*? "HEN you know what irring brilliance you can aunt on from EDNA FERBER » » » BUT, .. can't magine what absorbing entertainment you'll get from the combined genius of these two ‘till you see “THE XPERT sed on EDNA FERBER’S LD MAN MINICK” In order that we may render the fullest assistance to your fellow exhibitors throughout the country and to fully publicize your efforts on behalf of “The Expert” in the trade press, please forward a copy of your advertising and exploitation campaign to Press Sheet Editor, Warner Bros. Pictures, 321 West 44th St... New York City. Thank you. It Brings You a new Kind of Love! A love that makes you gulp one moment and guffaw the next.....The greatest galaxy of grins and pathos that's ever stormed this city and warmed your heart! Atriple treat fromtheauthor @ of “Cimarron” and the stars E DNA of "The Star Witness’! FERBER’S THE EXPERT A Warner picture with The Story of A Gay Old Dog @"cHic” who couldn't be ‘House-Broken!’ j AND @ DICKIE NOW The Laughtear Hit | of the -Seasonl Cut No. 22 Cut 60c Mat 15¢ SOA LCE STRAND ® noocre “Old Man Minick’ Page Five