The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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(Hero of “STAR WiTNESS”’) The Laughtear Hit of the Season! er; FERBER We WROTE IT (i Remember ) ““CIMARRON’’? It's human! It's touching! . Lo OLS CREAT y/ | WARNER BROS. “STRAN B’way & 47th St. CONTINUOUS = POP. PRICES Cut No. 20 Cut 40c Mat roc Page Four | STRAND B’way & 47th St. NOW HEART TALKIE get together with "CHIC” S A LAE and DICKIE MOORE E DN A FERBER’S THE The story of a strong man's will . . anda woman's “won't’’!. You'll swallow Hara | —and “eat it up”! A Warner Picture with the stars of ‘‘Star Witness’’ and the author of ‘’Cimarron’’ who combine to give you The Laughtear Hit of the Season| *Based on the story “Old Man Minick”’ Cut No. 25 Cut 20c Mat 5c EXPERT THESE ADS SOLD “THE C NEW YORK a A EIN-LAWS “OUTLAWS”? @EDNA F=-RBER — mous author of ‘Cimarron’ with @ 7 rHic” BALE and @DICKIE OORE sey took your ath in “The Star tness’’— they'll al your heart in e Expert!” Are they a nuisance or a necessity? Is your Father-in-Law a Botherin-Law? Every Mother's Son-in-Law ... and Daughter . . . will see themselves in THE A Warner Bros. Picture The Laughtear Hit of the Season. The story of a Gay Old Dog who couldn't be “House Broken”! STRAND *Based on the story “Old Man Minick” Cut No. 23 Cut 4oc Mat roc GENERAL NUISANCE LEADS THE LAUGH PARADE! Word war veteran. A gay old dog who couldn't be housebroken .. . Hero of many a heart battle ..Wearing the ‘wounds of those he loved-and left... MG A mien @ SALE EXPERT DICKIE @ MOORE ED N'A FERBER’S most stirring story since “’Cimarron’’ *Based on story “Old Man Minick” STRAND NOW Cut No. 24 Cut 4goc Mat roc