The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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your L. story This story contains complete information about “The Ez pert” and is known to showmen as a “routine story.” ‘The Expert,” With Chic Sale And Dickie Moore, of ‘‘Star Witness”? Fame Due At ___------WORE 2 Ce ae a Charles ‘Chic’ Sale and Dickie Moore, members of the ‘partnership’ which gave “The Star Witness’ its absorbing interest, are re-united as a similar team in ‘The Expert,” the Warner Bros. screen production from the novel ‘Old Man Minick”? by Edna Ferber, which comes to the screen of the.......... Wheatre: Nextinra. aes . In ‘‘The Expert,’’ Sale is the goodintentioned, but meddlesome old man who.comes to the city to live with his son and daughter in law after a long lifetime in a_ small town. Strongly opinionated, he does not hesitate to tell everyone what should’ be ‘CHIC’? SALE done. He tells a Cut No. 9 rou of club Bene | IME RE Socaee: do not know how to rear children. He interferes with the cook. He knows all about ‘‘rasslin’ ’? because he was town champion in his youth. He is misunderstood generally and fails to carry through his “reforms.” Sale does not appear as a tragic character, however. The humorous side of the character is stressed, to the enjoyment of large audiences which have seen “The Expert’ in other cities. Appearing with Sale as a central figure of the story is Dickie Moore, portraying the waif befriended by ‘‘grandpa.”’ The pair furnish many touching scenes, as well as wholesale comedy all the more pointed for its reality. The final scenes of the picture are particularly heartwarming as “Grandpa Minick’? ‘and Dickie are admitted to the home for gentlemen under ninety. Minick’s decision to leave his son’s home was occasioned by his daughter-in-law’s comments to her husband to the effect that. although she loved his father he was, nevertheless, disrupting the well-ordered existence of their home. This overheard conversation hastens the old gentleman’s decision to join his old cronies at the Home for the Aged. The large cast of ‘‘The Expert’’ is ‘real life,’’ the Sale and Moore characterizations being particularly — vivid. Lois Wilson appears as the pretty and efficient housewife and club-woman. Earle Fox is typical of the successful middle class business man. Thirty-three former stars of stage and screen appear as Sale’s cronies and pinochle-playing partners. Ralf Harolde and Adrienne Dore, the latter a newcomer to the roster of Warner Bros. contract players, portray the disreputable ‘‘guardians’”’ of little Dickie. The other members of the cast are the types of people we meet and know. Archie Mayo, to whose direction has been attributed the success of ‘‘Bought,”’ directed ‘“‘The Expert,’’ which marks Edna Ferber’s fourth screen story, the others having been ‘“‘So Big,’’ ‘‘Show Boat’’ and ‘‘Cimarron.”’ your nd story Featured Players In “‘The Expert”? Become Stars For Next Pictures Charles (Chic) Sale and Dickie Moore, co-featured in ‘‘The Expert,’’ Warner Bros. picture coming to the.......... Mmheatreinextyci 7, a ater. , will be starred in their next pictures as a result of their characterizations in ‘“‘The Star Witness’’ and ‘‘The Expert.” The success of both pictures caused Warner Bros. and First National pictures to make each player a star. Dickie, six years old, will be the youngest star in Hollywood on release of his next picture, “Rags To Riches.’ Sale’s first starring vehicle will be ‘‘Competition.”’ In “‘The Expert,’ Sale again portrays an old man, using virtually the same make-up utilized in “The Star Witness.” Dickie Moore appears as an orphaned waif befriended by Sale and eventually taken with him into the Home for the Aged, admission to which was gained by a technicality as a result of a by-law permitting admission to ‘‘gentlemen under ninety.” As Old Man Minick, Sale meddles into the life of his son and daughter-inlaw, with whom he has come to live in the city. He, tried to run things, to tell women how to raise children, and to “reform’’ in a thousand other ways. His good intentions, however, go astray, to the vast enjoyment of audiences. His role gives him an opportunity to present wholesome humor, drama and pathos. The large cast of ‘‘The Expert,’’ which was directed by Archie Mayo, includes Lois Wilson, Earle Foxe, Ralf Harolde, Adrienne Dore and Walter Catlett, as well as thirty-three veterans of stage and screen in the roles of Minick’s cronies. your rd story Chic Sale And Dickie Moore Co-Featured In Edna Ferber Story “The Expert,’’ the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone picture which comes to the Bah aes nah ahh Theatres en ee next presents in the leading roles two actors who were hits in ‘‘The Star Witness’’— Charles. (Chic) Sale and diminutive Dickie Moore. Miss Ferber, who not only wrote the story, but collaborated with George Kauffman on the dramatization of ‘‘The Expert’ for the stage, expressed satisfaction with the choice of the team of Sale and Moore, as the inseparable pals of the heartwarming drama. The lovable, if opinionated, old man who finds himself out of place in the city home of his married son and the waif who finds himself out of place everywhere constitute the roles played by Chic and Dickie, respectively. The large cast includes Lois Wilson, Earle Foxe, Ralf Harolde, Adrienne Dore, May Boley, Dorothea Wolbert, Charles Evans, Walter Catlett, Noel Francis and Elizabeth Patterson. Archie Mayo, responsible for many screen hits, directed “‘The Expert’’ with consideration for its comedy, pathos and tense drama. YOUNGEST STAR! His splendid work in “The Expert,” Warner Bros, film from the Edna Ferber novel, which is coming to the. —sTheatre next CHS ay OI >» has earned stardom for six year old Dickie Moore. Cut No. 13 Cut ys5c Mat 5c your A. story inter pretation Of Real People Basis Of Chic Sale’s Success ful Characterizations Interpretation, rather than imitation, is the secret behind the famous characterizations of Charles (Chic) Sale. His iatest Warner Bros. picture, ‘The Expert,” brings the comedian to the Cee OG ore WTICAIE TIEKE. SOA hee ’ in the role of a lovable old man, not un like his famous part in ‘‘The Star Witness.” Sympathy for and understanding of the characters he creates out of his own personality and the makeup box make Sale the greatest character ‘‘imitator’’ of all time. There are real people behind each Sale role. He has never been able to create a new character on either stage or screen without relying on some acquaintance, some memory of childhood or later experience for the material. “The Expert’’ is adapted from a story by Edna Ferber, one of America’s greatest novelists, who has given readers and movie-goers the unforgettable ‘‘So Big,” “Show Boat’? and ‘‘Cimarron.”’ But it was only because Sale could tie up the Ferber character with a similarly self-willed old character he had once known and admired that he would attempt the part on the screen. Sale is one of the few personalities in motion pictures who can be featured in a full length story which contains no romance. He worked with tremendous success in spite of this handicap in ‘‘The Star Witness,’’ and he has done so a second time in ‘‘The Expert.” “The Expert’? is not without a love interest however, for the affection between the old man and the waif Dickie, as played by Dickie Moore, is touching and convincing as any romantic attachment ever played before an audience. The secret is, of course, that the softpedaling of romance in a Sale picture is no handicap, but an innovation which adds to the picture’s value as an attraction. This was proved convincingly by “The Star Witness,’’ one of the sensationally successful pictures of the past year, and is expected to be evident again BUMen) these ee Theatre audiences see ‘‘The Expert.” : Lois Wilson, beautiful Adrienne Dore, lf Harolde, Earle Foxe and Walter Catett head an impressive supporting cast, which Archie Mayo directed. your Dun story “The Expert’ Is Fourth Edna Ferber Story To Reach Screen “The Expert,’’ Warner Bros. picture Which comes to the. ..)....050 Theatre “TES Rea aR a ia te , is the fourth Edna Ferber novel to be picturized, the others being ‘‘Show Boat,’’ ‘So Big’’ and “Cimarron.” “The Expert,’’ dramatized several seasons ago by Miss Ferber and George Kaufman, won success on Broadway and the road. O. P. Heggie played the lead ing role. The screen version presents Charles (Chic) Sale in the title role. Dickie Moore, the six-year-old actor who was recently seen with Mr. Sale in ‘“‘The Star Witness” is again his ‘“‘partner’’ in “The Expert.”’ Many screen favorites are in the cast, among them being Lois Wilson, Earle Foxe, Ralf Harolde, Adrienne Dore, May Boley, Walter Catlett, Noel Francis and Eizabeth Patterson. The fun, pathos and tense drama in this Ferber story is brought to life. under the direction of Archie Mayo. It is the story of a meddlesome old man who finds himself out of tune with the younger generation represented by his son and daughter-in-law, but finds a ‘“‘man to man’”’ friendship with the sixyear-old Dickie. The ‘‘partners’’ eventually find happiness in a Home for the Aged whose by-laws permit the admission of “‘gentlemen under ninety,’’ thus making it possible for ‘‘The Expert’’ to fix young Dickie’s entrance. 4 Opening Day “The Expert’? By Edna Ferber Is In Town Today “The Expert,’’ the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone pi€turization of Edna Ferber’s brilliant story, hailed as a worthy successor to her other screen plays, ‘‘Show Boat,’’ ‘“‘So Big’’ and ‘‘Cimarron’’ opens today at they eae Theatre. Enthusiasm shown by screen celebrities at the Los Angeles world premiere of the picture has been duplicated wherever the heart-warming drama _ has_ been shown. Local play-goers, who remember the excellent performances of Chic Sale and tiny Dickie Moore in ‘Star Witness,”’ will be delighted : to again see the inimitable team in : parts that fit them like the proverbial glove. Others prominent in the large cast are Lois Wilson, Earle Foxe, Ralf iat onlider: Adrienne Dore, DICKIE MOORE May Boley, Cut No. 14 Dorothea Wolbert, “Gene heen Charles Evans, Walter Catlett, Noel Francis and Elizabeth Patterson. Archie Mayo’s direction explores the rich veins of humor, pathos and dramatic power of the unique story. ADVANCE READERS “Teen” Age Girl Plays Difficult Role In “‘The Expert” For a girl just emerging from her teens, Adrienne Dore, one-time Miss America, has an unusually difficult part in the Warner Bros. picture ‘‘The Expert,” which comes to the.......... Theatre Mitac sr Sahar , with Chic Sale and Dickie Moore co-featured. Her character part is that of Sadie, waitress and mistress to a poolroom loafer and small time crook. The character is similar to that of Nancy in Dickens’ ‘‘Oliver Twist.’ Sadie sticks by her man although he constantly abuses her. That she really understood the character is borne out by her work in the picture and according to Director Archie Mayo she plays the part with unusual comprehension and feeling. Lois Wilson Of “The Expert” Cast Polo And Charity Enthusiast Lois Wilson, who will be seen with Charles (Chic) Sale and Dickie Moore in the Warner Bros. picture, ‘‘The Expert,’’ when it comes to the......... Theatre soe es , has two active interests beside acting. Polo ponies and The Motion Picture Relief Fund. Miss Wilson has several ponies of her own, and plays polo in all of her spare moments. She never misses a polo game within reasonable traveling distance. She spends two days a week working with the Motion Picture Relief for unemployed actors and actresses. When she is working in a picture, she stations someone else, at her expense, to take care of her job. She also takes care of two families that are in distress. Dickie Moore Is Best “‘Study”’ In “The Expert’’ Dickie Moore, the six-year-old actor featured with Charles (Chic) Sale in “The Expert,’ the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone screen version of Edna Ferber’s fourth screen story, coming to the Ncstagone Oh euea swhéatre-next: 3.4 oo 2 was discovered to be the quickest and surest ‘study’ on the lot, having learned his’ lines perfectly. In two weeks Dickie didn’t cause a single ‘‘re-take’’ by forgetting his lines, a distinction not claimed by anyone else in the cast, which includes Lois Wilson, Earle Foxe, Ralf Harolde, Adrienne Dore, Walter Catlett, Noel Francis and others. ‘‘The Expert’’ was directed by Archie Mayo. The Title Of This Story Is “The Expert” A father at 84! That’s the proud boast of Adolph Leonard, bit player in pictures, who came to work beaming one morning during the filming of ‘‘The Expert,” the Warner Bros. picture which comes TOnthe es Veiga: ‘Heathens, Uciciis, He announced that a baby daughter had become a member of his family at three o’clock that morning. Among the first to congratulate him was Charles (Chic) Sale, starring in the picture, and himself the father of three fine children. Youth, in “‘The Expert,” is represented by Little Dickie Moore, and three world-famous beauties — Lois Wilson, Noel Francis, former Follies girl, and Adrienne Dore, national choice as Miss America. Page Three