The Expert (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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Pigeg SALIENT FACTS A THE EXPERT, Old Man Minick... CHARLES (CHIC) SALE | BOUT For A Dickie, his pal, an orphaned waif.............. Dickie Moore BA LAN Cc E D Nettie Minick, his daughter-in-law............ Lois Wilson VW | | J Fred Minick, his son........... Pi vba tyes os nak NA ks Earle Foxe Crowley, A POIC REN ee Btae yr ics ater eames Hh te ae Oy Ralf Harolde a, (. R PROGRAM RACE i eam cei are NCCE CVs DUB Die) Sa Adrienne Dore : lay these Mrs. Smallbridge . apes ETO cage COP et aca Uo amr ie a lee en May Boley VITAPHONE SHORTS yc <1) ARRIETA Pen CEM res Ae te en Raa ALL uA Dorothy Wolbert bc Dietenhoter,; wate of Home oi ho ks Charles Evans BIOG RAPH ICAL BR: FS PAL, OE IN Ne ee ih a a 2 a Walter Catlett i VAN DINE DETECTIVE EIEN ORES: BIE fel oN Nag th ANG Macey Hee tae Noel Franci 4 Mi ee I I Id Elina i ei CHARLES (CHIC) SALE—Famous on “Smart wee of “Alexander MYSTERY THRILLER ISS Vracnenwala. 2. ee izabeth Patterson vaudeville stage and as author of} ~~ Hamilton,” ‘Nigh {urse,”” “Safe Featuring Donald Meek and “The Specialist’? and other stories. in Hell” and “‘The;pert.’’ Born : On the screen in ‘‘The Star Witin Pittsburgh, Pa. | John Hamilton, talented ness” and ‘“‘The Expert.”’ Born in ; Broadway players. (2 reels) Huron, South Dakota. ADRIENNE DORE—M: America in —_——__—_—— national bea! st. On screen and/or DICKIE MOORE—Five-year-old actor in ‘‘Under | " “Alias the on screen in ‘‘Seed,” “‘The Squaw Doctor,”’ ‘‘! ot’ and ‘‘The A LOONEY TUNE Man,” ‘‘Aloha,”’ “The Star WitExpert.” ness,”” “Manhattan Parade,” ‘‘Fireance man, Save My Child,’ “Union| NOEL FRANCIS. 3. beauty on Depot’’ and ‘The Expert.’’ Born screen in ‘ ‘Romance,”’ in Hollywood. “Movietone Fo yr e30; “Up Aicecacditica the River,”’ “Ba Apartment,”’ LOIS WILSON—On screen in many “Smart Money nde Crazy”’ pictures including ‘‘The Covered and ‘‘The Exp Wagon,”’ “‘Lovin’ the Ladies,’’ ‘‘The ieee ft Furies,’ ‘‘Wedding Rings,’’|MAY BOLEY—C n in ‘‘Dance Featuring Bosko and his ribtickling musical exploits and/or A MELODY MASTER The greatest orchestra leaders in elaborate shorts “Temptation,” ‘‘Once a Gentleof -Lifesan us Curves,” man,” ‘“‘Seed’”’ and ‘‘The Expert.” “Lilies of ,” “Woman and/or Born in Pittsburgh, Pa. from Hell,’ ‘ of Pleasure,” —— “Moby Dic’ ving Wild,” EARLE FOXE—On screen in ‘‘Good “Fighting ~’ _and ‘The SPORTSLANT : Intentions,’ ‘‘Dance Fools Dance,” Expert.” J Ted Husing’s snappy illus‘‘Manhattan Parade’ and ‘“‘The Extrated explanations of all pert.”” Born in Oxford, Ohio. ARCHIE MAY tor) Among kinds of sports (¥ feel) —_——— recent pict “Svengali,” : RALF HAROLDE — On screen in ‘“‘Bought,” “Doorway to “Dixiana,’’ ‘Check and Double Helktau}’ ‘een,”’ ‘‘The Check,’’ ‘‘Hook, Line and Sinker,” Exp Length And Running Time 6281 feet 69 minutes THE STORRS Grandpa Minick arrives to live at the h of Dickie Moore and Chic Sale, the famous team of “Star Witness,” return to the screen in the same type of roles when “The Expert,” his son and daughter-in-law. He is a meddle Id Warner Bros. picturization of the Edna Ferber novel and play, comes gent and annoys his daughter-in-law to di n. BN | eee Ceri KORN ce Sa RCM SCE PROMO ere oe A a oy i He is forever bringing in his tiny pal, raj in The artist sees Charles (Chic) Sale before and after the applicaCut No. 11 Cut 30¢ Mat roc Dickie, whom he met while spading the backya e tion of his make-up. Sale is appearing in “The Expert,” Warner Bros. entertains his cronies who drop ashes on her ru de picturization of Edna Ferber’s fourth screen story at the _____--.__. harangues the would-be-modern matrons of he ub Theatre. TABLE OF CONTENTS Oo F fe i '@ i A L B i L L i Pel G till they leave in high dudgeon. He meddles gen ly. Cut No. 12 Cut 30¢ Mat roc Grandpa overhears her complaints to Fred, and w ut blaming her, decides to become a resident of the 1¢e for the Aged. Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc Runnine Ti oti : ° Rushing post haste to his room for the adr 9%n p R O D U T | unning Time & The Vitaphone Corp. 5% money he finds that it has been stolen. Remen 1g C O N S T A F F Biographies resent sorrowfully that wee Dickie once filched some fru m Official Billing P a cart when they were walking together, he goe he Biheh Pita Fach Advance Stories Edna Ferber’s 15% tenement, where Dickie’s caretakers—the evil ey Sie ee ch au ee onamne Fre coy na feroer “THE EXPERT” 100% and his woman, Sadie—deny knowledge of tt ft. Adaptation and dialogue... Julian Josephson and Maude Howell Based the st “Old Man Minick” 20% Dickie, seeing Crowley with the money, ns Diraton Archie M ased on the story an Minick”’ 20% grandpa; who:-gets ft; Back (enc re ee a aL ee eae shea aetna Feature Stor with the police. Dickie has returned Wa og the in Maet Diar ithe BC Pe I. LS Gah Rah BA? ceo SAL ATborn pean sits CORSE bys bought him, and is in rags again when Grandp es : feb Charles ‘‘Chic’’ Sale and Dickie Moore 35% him. Since the Home for the Aged admits ‘g en WE CERERORL ORS LT er A a ee __Jack Okey Exploitation Directed by Archie Mayo 20% neil alan © Grandpa Poin oe be eC GN ROME SAGER LoL RRO Ny Phare Sef gree : . : eligible, an e two are finally admitted ami us ; i A Warner Bros. & Vitaphone Production 40% applause. ier eames ee _—_Jim Gibbon Page Two