The Crash (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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CHATTERTON-BRENT ROMANCE HAIL!... The Screen’s GREATEST LOVERS! America’s leading actress and her sensational leading man portraying roles so real, so vital and sincere! The finest picture they’ve ever made, either singly or as a team! The screen’s famous love team in. their second smash success. Another 1933-style hit from First National. : GEORGE BRENT Is there a depression in morals? Have hard times made women desperate for good times? See the greatest Ameri Cut No. 3 Cut goc Mat roc Ruined men—and their pamZ pered women, desperate for the ; ——_ thrills of other days..... Wives seeking the easy way out of the monotony of poverty... y P y RUTH The Screen’s BUT, over all, a _ spirit that HATTERTO fovea transcends tragedy and makes "THE CRAS H" Poke Gowns you'll copy! you proud of this giant drama : Pane adil by Rack ace as an epic of our times! STRAND naga the season’s trend! A Fits Nidiceak Hat Cal Ne. 1a Cis sic ak POLICY HERE Cut No. 13 Cut 6o0c Mat 1rsc 14 The Screen’s Me p4—? — GREATEST LOVERS! Greater than ‘The Rich Are} Always With Us’ Cut No.1 Cut 20c Mat 5c “THE CRASH’ wits GEORGE BRENT Cut No. 4 Cut goc Mat roc Their second big First National Hit! Cut No. 11 Cut z2zoc Met 5c Cut No.8 Cut 20c Mat 5c Page Twelve