The Crash (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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ADS THAT STRESS THE SE} Page Ten Are YOU in the same boat .. . Money, position gone? Your man ‘broke’, disheartened? A new man waiting to take you out of it all? Which will you choose — Love or The screen’s newlyweds in their second smashing. success . .. greater than; ‘The Rich Are Always With Us’. Another First] ’ National hit! Cut No.9 Cut goc Mat roc ca AR RTE Re I Ns : 7 F IS THIS GIRL ALL BAD? Ruining her husband! Bartering her beauty . . . spurning a good man’s love for luxury a stranger offers! What soul-gripping sacrifice could redeem such a woman in your eyes? See— : TOGETHER: FOR THEIR SECOND HIT! Rath GEORGE BRENT The screen’s famous newlyweds in roles that give you an insight into the secrets of the dangerous set... By far their greatest picture! Cut No. 14 Cut goc Mat roc ARE WOMEN, TO BLAME FOR THE CRASH ?. Selling their beauty to the highest bidder . . . Every bride demanding a marriage bed of roses... Did Wall St. run wild to keep the pampered sex in luxury? Are thrill-hungry wives on the ‘up-and-up’ with down-and-out —husbands? True or not, these serious charges MUST BE MET! You'll get a blazing answer to them from— “GEC BRE Gowns you'll want te copy! The — screen’ See gorgeous new-season lovers united! importations direct from roles so real, s Paris worn by the lovely stir your heart Ruth Chatterton. picture may : hit, ‘The Rict With { Another of the} sensational 1933style hits from First Cut No. 18 Cut 60c Me