Mystery House(Warner Bros.) (1938)

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NON-RENTAL ITEMS 6 x 9 HERALD Study these youpick out theruttless madman who terror: <A SOE ae precise Ber one” ® iS age RE Vitagraph, Inc. SLIDE — 15c each LOBBY DISPLAYS: Let us tell you how your theatre can have these displays at a reasonable weekly rental fee. AMERICAN DISPLAY COMPANY, Inc. 525 WEST 43rd STREET NEW YORK CITY DICK PURCELL ANN SHERIDAN ANNE NAGEL WILLIAM HOPPER DICK PURCELL | @ ANN SHERIDAN® ANNE NAGEL WILLIAM HOPPER Sommuc" Vitagraph, Inc. 24''x 60" (also in size 24'x 82") 40"'x 60" (also in size 30"x 40") MIDGET REGULAR WINDOW CARD WINDOW toa Oe ee: Heide as PORE ACN CARD 0s 902 ee be enh 4c each 100: and :over:..23.50. 085 5 Vee each $1.75 per M 5M and over $2.00 per M Less than 5M THEATRE IN Vitagraph, inc. Official Billing WARNER BROS. Pictures, Inc. present "MYSTERY HOUSE" ‘toox with DICK PURCELL @® ANN SHERIDAN 40%, ANNE NAGEL @ WILLIAM HOPPER 20% Directed by 255 NOEL SMITH 20% Screen Play by Sherman L. Lowe and Robertson White 3% From a Novel by Mignon G. Eberhart yf A First National Picture ahs Page Seven