Mystery House(Warner Bros.) (1938)

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EXPLOITATION HALL OF FAME Lance O’Leary, Mignon G. Eberhart’s famous detective character is the star of film. He has already taken his place as one of fiction’s outstanding sleuths. Make up gallery of ‘‘detective greats’ such as Philo Vance, Bulldog Drummond, and Sherlock Holmes. Feature a blow-up of Lance O'Leary. GUN DISPLAY Need a lobby display? Try this: Pistol attached to compoboard panel with green spotlight focused on exhibit. Copy: “Untouched by human hands .. . yet it killed twice! See how in the most thrilling screen mystery of the year— ‘Mystery House’.”’ SPOOK NIGHT A hair-raising thriller like ‘Mystery House’ should make a swell feature for a “Spook Night’ which could be conducted as special midnight show during your run. Local magician stages show which is announced in newspapers, heralds and lobby. BOOK TIE-UP Mignon G. Eberhart, author of ‘‘Mystery House”’ is wellknown among mystery-story fans, having written many best sellers. Make the rounds of the local book dealers and rental libraries; arrange window and counter displays. Show scene stills from picture with selling copy and billing. DISPLAY CLUES A clue exhibit in the lobby never fails to attract attention. Arrange display of a piece of wire, a toupee and a rifled safe. Copy: “These three clues almost solve three murders in ‘Mystery House’—Warner Bros.’ baffling screen mystery.’’ Green spotlight focused on the ‘clues’ plus scene stills will give striking effect. Paae Siz MYSTERY HOUSE PHOTO CONTEST Candid camera fans should be interested in a search for photos of most mysterious looking house in town. Best pictures are exhibited in lobby; winners printed in newspaper. Fisuratively Speaking Ann Sheridan has been acclaimed by a group of famous artists as the possessor of the “perfect American girl figure.”’ Story was widely syndicated with picture of Ann Sheridan in bathing suit (still No. AS-Pub. 4H). Adapt this ‘break’ to your lobby displays by showing giant blow-up of still surrounded with scene pics from ‘Mystery House’ and card giving her measurements: Height, 5 ft., 6 in; Weight, 120 lbs., Waist, 25 inches; Bust 36 inches; Hips, 36 inches; Neck, 13%4 inches; Calf, 1212 inches; Ankle, 7%4 inches. Classified Ad Contest Tie in with classified ad department of newspaper for simple question-and-answer contest. Publicity story puts query, like: ““‘What sort of a place is ‘Mystery House’?’’ Answer is found by taking word or words which are spotted among classified ads and putting them in correct sequence to form answer. Something like this could be used: “A thrill in every room! A chill in every second!”’ Sensational Front This is the type of picture that calls for a sensational flash front display with plenty of scare head copy. Pick your lines from these: “It’s the most baffling mystery ever filmed — ‘Mystery House’ from Mignon G. Eberhart’s famous novel about an invisible murderer who sees but can’t be seen! Hears but can’t be heard! Kills but can’t be killed! Trapped in an isolated inn! Terrorized by a triple-slaying! Doomed as human targets of a mad-man!” STILLS FOR DEALER TIE-UPS ANN SHERIDAN: Tennis Racquet Jewelry Gloves Order these specially prepared stills from Cam paign Plan Editor. Complete set of six — 50c; individually at 10c. POINT THE WAY Make up a number of arrows pointing to your theatre and spot ’em around at vantage points; on trees, fences, poles etc. Copy could be simply: ‘““This Way To ‘Mystery House’.”’ CUT-OUT HEADS Don’t overlook the cut-out possibliities of the posters shown on the back cover. Note that the six, three and one sheets provide large star heads of Dick Purcell and Ann Sheridan. SHADOW DISPLAY As a lobby layout construct a miniature haunted house with large window in front; shade half drawn and lighting from the rear. Cutout figures moving to and fro behind shade will give eerie shadow effect. Spot batch of scene stills and selling copy on side of ‘house.’ THRU A KEYHOLE Place oversize keyhole display in lobby. Sign urges everyone to: “See what goes on inside ‘Mystery House’.”’ Display star stills Nos. ME318, 319, 321, and 324 are shown inside plus copy: “Study these faces! One of them is marked for murder! One of them is marked a murderer! For all the exciting facts see ‘Mystery House’ starting Friday.” MYSTERY MAGS Detective story addicts are potential customers to see this screen mystery. Reach them via the popular magazines. Arrange with local distributor to supply you with back copies which are tagged with stickers and passed out in lobby. Copy: “Murder Without a Murderer! It’s The Perfect Crime ..... Almost! See Warner Bros.’ Baffling New Thriller — ‘Mystery House’ Friday at the Strand Theatre.