High Sierra (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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® Opening Day LUPINO, BOGART IN HIGH SIERRA’ AT STRAND TODAY “High Sierra,” the film which opens today at the Strand Theatre, brings with it all the thrills, suspense and dramatic action which movie audiences hope for in their screen fare. With Humphrey Bogart as “the last of the Dillinger mob,” Ida Lupino as his sweetheart, and made under the direction of Raoul Walsh, whose most recent success was “They Drive By Night,” “High Sierra” was produced by Warner Bros., with Mark Hellinger as_ associate producer. Supported by a cast which includes Alan Curtis, Arthur Kennedy, Henry Hull, Henry Travers, Joan Leslie, Bogart and Still HS 80; Mat 106—15c .. . love was their downfall Miss Lupino are said to triumph in the two top roles. Bogart plays Roy Earl, a strange sort of criminal to whom crime is an unpleasant, but nevertheless necessary, business. It is a role somewhat reminiscent of the one he played so brilliantly in his first motion picture, ‘The Petrified Forest.’”’ Miss Lupino is seen as the girl who loves him so much that she eventually proves his downfall. Another member of the cast whose love helps to lead to his eventual undoing is a small, loyal and lovable wire-haired _ terrier, named “Pard.” Making her first film appearance in “High Sierra” is Joan Leslie, a lovely sixteen-year-old who figures prominently in a brief but important episode that helps to set up the human side of the character Bogart plays. ‘GLAMOR GIRL' ART OF PARD, LITTLE DOG IN 'HIGH SIERRA’ The little mongrel pup, "Pard," who plays an important part in the story of "High Sierra,’ so intrigued our glamor-photographer that he posed the pooch in a typically ‘glamor girl’ sitting. They make a natural human _ interest photo feature. Set of five captioned photos serviced free on request from newspaper editors to Warner Bros. Feature Service Editor, 321 West 44th St., N. Y. C. Terrier Has Dramatic Role in Strand Film Novelist W. R. Burnett, who wrote one of the best film roles ever given a dog for Warner Bros.’ “High Sierra,” owns a kennel of 37 dogs. “High Sierra” stars Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart. In the film, Burnett’s dog role is taken by a beguiling and bewhiskered pup. The _ dog, named “Pard,”’ is half Boston terrier and half wire terrier, and according to ‘Author Burnett possesses “the most marvelous personality I have ever met in a dog.” ® Current Feature BOGART EXPLAINS HOW TO EXCEL AS GANGSTER-ON FILM An honest man will stick his chin out occasionally but a gangster never will. Humphrey Bogart, who plays the suavely sentimental gunman in “High Sierra,” at the Strand, has made an extended study of the habits of gangsters, bank robbers and plain racketeers, for his film characterizations has made some interesting observations about the breed. First of them is that the old theory that all bad guys have “eyes as blue and hard as marbles” is a myth. “Baby Face” Nelson, “Pretty Boy” Floyd, and “Killer Crowley’? were blue eyed but such notables as “Legs” Diamond and Al Capone had brown orbs. Bogart says that the practice of many underworld characters of speaking out of the corner of their mouths is based on the fact that men who have served time in prison get in the habit of conversing that way to keep guards from seeing them talking. A third trait of the real “hard guy” is that when he’s up to business he literally keeps his chin in. Soldiers at attention do that too, but with the gangster the habit is protective. Still HS 97; Mat 203—30c MANHUNT 2 MILES UP and the end of the desperado character Humphrey Bogart plays in the Strand film “High Sierra.” Ida Lupino mourns over the body as police try to take her away. a TTT TU EXPLOITATION SE Make the Most of These VOLUPTE CIGARETTE CASES These window and counter cards show how Volupte, Inc. is launching their big nation-wide promotion on personalized cigarette cases. Carried by leading department stores everywhere, cases retail at $5.00 and come in English Morocco, Pigskin, Lizard, Suede, Alligator Calf, Ostrich Calf, and Silk Faille. There’s an extra charge of $5.00 for the signature. Order “Volupte Tie-Up Stills”, two for 15c from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44 St.. New York City. For additional information contact: Mr. Jack Pollack, Volupte Inc., 347 Fifth Ave., N. Y. C. RCA PERSONAL RADIO Dealer tie-ups with RCA “personal portable” radios have been very successful. Here is your latest opportunity to sell your show through dealer ads, window and counter displays. Order set of three “RCA High Sierra Stills’ — 25c from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44 St., N. Y. C. More Low a