High Sierra (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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Cast.... a fe a ei en IDA LUPINO Roy Earle |... HUMPHREY BOGART Dene ee Alan Curtis PG 3 ee ee Arthur Kennedy VGING 3S See eee Joan Leslie ‘Doc’ Banton... Henry Hull We st, Ce eee Henry Travers TIOGLY 20 e Jerome Cowan Mrs. Baughmam..._... Minna _Gombell lake Kranmer: =... Barton MacLane DCE... cata a es Elizabeth Risdon Lowis Mendoza. §«..... ..... Cornel Wilde Big Mie ee Donald MacBride Myr, Boughmam Paul Harvey NS ON te aa Sarl _. Isabel Jewell ergo 6 ee Willie Best Re ek er Spencer Charters it EE ORG eee ea neem George Meeker oo SRG, CARE eae umn Rs 207 17 Robert Strange Lon Preiser ....2.3....... _ John Eldredge Peamommcer ae Sam Hayes “Pard” as Portrayed by “Zero” Production.... Directed by RAOUL WALSH Screen Play by John Huston and W. R. Burnett; From a Novel by W. R. Burnett: Director of Photography, Tony Gaudio, A.5S. C.; Art Director, Ted Smith; Dialogue Director, Irving Rapper; Film Editor, Jack Killifer; Gowns by Milo Anderson; Sound by Dolph Thomas; Special Effects by Byron Haskin, A. S. C., and H. F. Koenekamp, A. S. C.: Makeup Artist, Perc Westmore; Music by Adolph Deutsch; Musical Director, Leo F. Forbstein. (Running Time — 100 minutes) 3 Column Photomontage in Mat Form—Mat 301—45c Sfory.... (Not For Publication.) When Roy Earle (Humphrey Bogart) is pardoned from prison, he knows that he will have to do something in return for “Big Mac” who did the fix. One of Mac’s henchmen provides him with a car, tells him that he is to meet the boss in California. Earle drives across the continent, making friends on the way with a touring family, “Pa” (Henry Travers) and “Ma” (Elizabeth Risdon) Goodhue and their granddaughter Velma (Joan Leslie), whose sweet innocence stirs Earle to thoughts of love. At the mountain camp in the High Sierras, however, he is all business. He meets Red (Arthur Kennedy) and Babe (Alan Curtis) who are to work with him on the job for “Big Mac.” It is a half million dollar jewel hold-up of a nearby hotel. They are to wait for word from the hotel clerk who is in on the job that the hotel safe is doing a capacity business. At first Earle is angry with the boys for bringing Marie (Ida Lupino), a dancehall girl. up to the camp, but Marie’s sincerity soon wins him over and he begins to enjoy her company, as well as that of the little dog “Pard.” who has adopted him as his master. When word finally comes that it’s time to pull off the job, Marie and Pard go with him in his car, while the two boys follow. In making the getaway, the car in which “Red” and “Babe” and the hotel clerk are escaping is wrecked. Earle goes to “Big Mac” with the jewels, finds that the boss has just died of a heart attack. He goes to Velma, finds her engaged to another man. Then he turns to Marie, finds her waiting loyally. They will go away together, start again. Then he learns that the police are on his trail. Roy starts the girl east on a bus. He is recognized during a drugstore hold-up to replenish his funds, and finds his desperate flight halted on one of the high mountain passes out of California. Marie listens to a broadcast of the police chase and halts her own flight to rush back to Roy. As she stands at the foot of the mountain held back by the police lines, Pard jumps out of her arms and scampers up the big boulders to Roy's stronghold. Roy sees him, knows that Marie is near, and comes out of hiding to call to her. A police bullet finds its mark, and Earle’s body crashes down the mountain side.