Here Comes Happiness (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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-—— EXPLOITATION Put on a ‘Happiness Days’ promotion for your showing. Play it up in ads and publicity. It's a HAPPY title. a HAPPY story. so let ‘em know it’s the picture that banishes all cares. Here are six Happy ideas to start you off .... HAPPINESS SONGS should be plugged on the radio and in night club bands to play up such numbers as “Happy Days Are Here Again,” ‘‘Happy Feet,” ‘Happy as the Day is Long,” 99 ‘Sometimes ’'m Happy,”’ and “I’m Happy.” am, # Oe 3S = “ly Mies a HAPPY SNAPSHOTS taken around town of people who look happy. Photos are encircled and displayed in your lobby. Those identifying themselves are your guests to see the picture. ae ly + 2 SF HAPPY SUGGESTIONS. Boxes around town labeled “Ideas for Celebrating Happiness Days.”’ Offer prizes from cooperating dealers for best suggestions. “HAPPIEST MAN CONTEST” will get the localites HAPPY conscious. Offer bids for the best letters nominating ““The Happiest Man.” Newspaper stories and advertising will help you put over this idea. HAPPINESS FOR ORPHANS. This idea should get the support of civic groups to be hosts to unfortunates at a special matinee. Contact local daily for its cooperation. se wr HAPPINESS DAYS SALES are featured by local cooperating merchants. Arrange for coop newspaper ads, window displays and counter cards to tie up your showing. FOUR MORE FAST ONES @ Viewup Stills-30c... Dealer tie-up stills—10c each—order from Warner Bros. Still Dept., 321 W. 44th St., N. Y. C. Desk Cigarette Lighter Refrigerator ............ HH 74 EN Pub A LG GA BO oh 36.05 Soca HH 60 Piowert 3. kk ee 4 HH 77 Negligee .................. HH 21 Kitchen Utensils ...... HH 76 Bridal Gown ............ HH 8 Ad Underliners... Spot this copy as underliners in the papers and in your theatre programs: “* “Here Comes Happiness’— To the Strand Friday.” Accessories. next Photo Contest... Have a Father-and-Daughter photo contest to play up the father-daughter angle in the film. Patrons submit photos, to be displayed in lobby, with bids going to the most typical, happiest picture. Good Luck Posters... Put up special posters around marriage license bureaus with a lead line reading as follows: “GOOD LUCK! And Get Off to a Good Start by Seeing ‘Here Comes Happiness’ at the Strand Friday.” Add scene stills and picture billing. ra