Flirtation Walk (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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uveryhody! ORWARD §.. March’! to the biggest hitin town! — =. March, love and sing with Uncle Sam’s own fighting men. .. from moonlit lagoons in Hawaii to , the wind-swept battlements of West £ Point! Blood tingling to roaring guns and soaring songs! Heart “ pounding to youthful romance and the mad, sweet rhythm of hundreds of exotic dancing girls! Get the thrill that only the >», producers of the screen’s great| est song shows can bring you, in | WARNER BROS.’ aMilitary Musical # With America’s Singing Sweethearts : The chin-busting Irishman of “Here Comes the Navy’ oe = PAT O’BRIEN | 2 oe _ a : THE WEST POINT CADETS | A 3 NEW SONG HITS Spectacular numbers staged by the. “Ziegfeld Follies’’ director, FRANK BORZAGE’S ” * HELPED « — GREATEST PRODUCTIO | | + MAKE iTi 3 | : A First National Picture Here are a few of the authentic action scenes that make this the Army’s “Here Comes the Navy’’== ‘% A mighty sham battle between the Pacific Fleet and the Hawaiian forts. * The thrilling drill maneuvers at West Point. * Intimate highlights of Army life filmed on the spot. THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR THEATRE IMPRINT TABLOID ORDER BLANK To POST PUBLISHING CO. Date NOTE SPECIAL PRICE Appleton, Wis. including im print when Ship to: | | “iyour theatre name and date TOR fe: = : : 3M to 10M ............$3.25 per M ordered direct from mueress ; : SOM ng 100% Sanaa OT per M ° Over 100M oo..-$2.25 per M publisher. ae City ; State Minimum order of 3M. | Quantity —__ TABLOIDS: ‘Name ‘of Production "== eee Tabloids with this space With the following imprint__._._ = — ; ee blank for your imprint ci eee i ee a ee are available unimp rinted in all Vitagraph Theatre Manager eck Ch All orders shipped within 24 hours ENCLOSED: Money Order THERE IS NO OTHER HERALD ae: THIS PICTURE! se branches BE. ina SO per Post Publishing Ge, will ueveit a (aw “Gy telegraph f Cc.O 6 . Track thousand. a C0. D.