Flirtation Walk (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Aost Novel Song Show Combi oining Thrills of ‘Here Comes The Navy’ + +#Roar at Pat’s wisecracks! : Surrender your senses to the spell of exotic dancing _ beauties in mystic Hawaiian love rites! Surrender your heart to the most exciting romance ever told by the screen’s most lovable lovers! “ON YOUR TOES, CANARY!’—Dick Powell gets a lesson in anti-aircraft gunning from “Sergeant” Pat O’Brien, the chin bustin’ Irishman of “Here —Comes the Navy.” A stunning aerial ti, attack on Honoluiu is ome-of the hun-_ dreds of exciting: Sater in the film. SWEETHEARTS LNT caealh enae -and-ae Powell—in a way that’s. new and more charming than ever! MOONLIT LAGOONS OF HAWAITI—(At left}. Palm fringed waters and South Seas romance; haunting plaintive melodies; Dick Powell captures Ruby Keeler’s heart as he sings the native Hawaiian song of courtship in a spectacular scene produced by Bobby Connolly, director of the “Ziegfeld Follies”. 9 K! tep forward and 5. Step back left, 6. Start forward is Step . forward 8. St b k : et on left foot (2 bringing girl forward on left foot 3 runright, bring left foot left, benaina. Te “NO HORSEke) WIFE ;. With left hand to man’s right side ning steps; waltz up to right foot. (Girl knee, into a final girl around to into a dip (girl steps forward right, _ steps back left, points graceful dip. “N oO M uU S. T A H EZ i ting right forward on right foot). waltz back left. right foot back) (3 D Aekt foot on Come out of dip with counts.) Step left slowcouméy changing step forward right @3 ly (2 counts). Bring io 4~ right foot. counts) bringing left right foot together sides left waltz foot up to right but with left (3 count). making a half keeping weight on : as o her left). right foot. Originated by Arthur Murray