Flirtation Walk (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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The INVITATION TO LOVE—(Above). Every heart will respond to this age old “luau,” bringing to the sereen, for the first time, the sweet rhythms of the Hawaiian Feast of Love. d . arner Bros. Beau See YOUR army in thrilling battle maneuvers on land, sea and air — filmed for the first time through special cooperation of the War Department. Le Peep behind the scenes of cadet life at West Point = shot on the spot! Hum Dick’s new song hits! SOLDIERS SURRENDER— {At left). The singing Digges t and NM ty of ‘Dames and the sweethearts of “Dames” capture West Point and, in a ‘seene of ravishing beauty, climax one of the most NOT-SO-GRIM SENTINEL — (At left). Winsome Ruby Keeler dons military uniform, soldiers 2 gun, and wins a million ‘hearts in the “Hundredth Night Show”, thrillingly staged by the Cadet Corps. 1. Couple bexin apart, man’s weight on his left foot, girl’s weight on her right foot. The movement begins with a slow step to the right on the right foot (girl to the left) to position IJ, man behind girl. thrilling many seasons. Everybody's Dancing love stories in 2. Take waltz steye forward with left foot. (Waltz. consists of 3 counts: a step forward on left, a side step on right, and a third step to bring the feet together and shift the weight to the left foot again). Repeat waltz on right foot; waltz backward left, shifting girl across into position III, turning to left. 3. Step forward right across left, turning body to right and bringing left foot up to right, keeping weight on right foot 6 counts). 4. Ste across-¢ eounts. swing ¢ her leg. foot upthird ‘ce weight(girl ta step, m turn to