Devil's Saddle Legion (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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eA Po = a ADVERTISING HE FIGHTS ALONE!... In A Land Where Killers Are As Thick As Rattlers ...And Twice As Deadly! HE USES DYNAMITE INSTEAD OF GUNS...10 FIGHT THESE KILLERS! Walang Wily Way 4 UZ Y 4 Yy I ant Glitz Watch quick-thinking Dick Foran match bullets with T. N. T. as he blasts his way’ to his most dangerous adventure! There’s smashing, thrilling action when Dick Foran throws caution to the winds ...and goes looking for trouble! ‘DEVILS SADDLE < re caMeny 2° : | A THE inal AAS ‘ s ‘ Connolly qcture with ae * DICK : \ THE SINGING COWBOY. 51 Lines Mat No. 103—10c = ‘ ah 66 Lines Mat No. 104—10c ae iMite 5 iis. WS EIGHT THE gk Ese 4/0 0 cy Ta S| Ka DYNAMITE BULLETS! HE’S NOT LICKED....WHILE HE’S GOT ONE BULLET LEFT! THE SINGING COWBOY o Int and ~ j Rao bey wee ANNE NAGEL ay fh Directed by Bobby = fa Connolly « A Warner F ‘ Bros. Picture Bobby Connolly A Warner Bros. Picture and ANNE NAGEL .birected ‘y Bobby Connolly A Warner Bros. Pictié 27 Lines Mat No. 107—10c 45. Lines Mat No, 106—10c 18 Lines Mat No, 108—10c HE HAS HIS HANDS FULL OF TROUBLE . ... AND HIS FISTS FULL OF T.N. Tl HE FIGHTS ALONE... INA LAND WHERE KILLERS ARE AS THICK AS RATTLERS .. AND TWICE AS DEADLY! LEGION Dick FORAN THE SINGING COWBOY ANNE NAGEL Directed by Bobby Connolly A Warner Bros. Picture 54 Lines Mat No. 206—20c 50 Lines Mat No. 207—20c -Page Four