Devil's Saddle Legion (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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a DROP YOUR GUNS!... Or I'll Drop This T. N. T. And Blow Us All to Kingdom Come!" The West’s strangest with a price on their out six-gun justice when devil-may-care Dick Foran rides at the head of the... Dick FORAN “\, THE SINGING COWBOY./ and ANNE NAGEL Directed by Bobby Connolly » A Warner Bros. Picture }62 Lines) Mat No. 9605-206 HE HAS HIS HANDS FULL OF TROUBLE =" _.. AND HIS FISTS FULL OF T. N. T.! You're in for new thrills, spills and chills as fearless Dick ~ Foran finds a new weapon... Dynamite! fight the aqtneOT Ie TOITI Southwest's deadliest killers! Hard-fisted Dick Foran ) F gamely battles against greater odds than he’s! ever faced he gallops into battle \ \ : with the... \ ~ THe a rc) EL e NAS os 86 Lines Mat No. 203—20c 114 Lines Mat No. 204—20c Page Three