Dancing Sweeties (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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10 “DANCING SWEETIES” — A Warner Bros. Production Newspaper Advertising WARNER BROS. prevent DANCING SWEETIES Soft lights. The insinuating tempo of moaning jazz. A boy and a girl. Their youthful bodies clasped close. Their hearts beating fast to the intoxicating rhythm of the pagan music. This is the prelude to a 1930 love affair in which a modern Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time at nine o’clock and are married at midnight. with GRANT WITHERS EDNA MURPHY TULLY MARSHALL KATE PRICE ADAMAE VAUGHN EDDIE PHILLIPS SUE CAROL Based on the story by Harry Fried. Screen Dialogue by Gordon Rigby and Joseph Jackson. Directed by Ray Enright. See the latest dance craze “THE HULLABALOO” Hear the latest song hit “THE KISS WALTZ” | : fans WUTAPHOM Two Column Ad—Style L—Cut or Mat WARNER BROS. present What goes on in a public dancehall besides the dancing? This . picture tells you. Two Column Ad—Style N—Cut or Mat “Dancing Sweeties’’ is one of the best box-office comedy dramas of the season. Use these ads to get full value for your investment. They turned love’s old Sweet song into a wild symphony WARNER BROS. presenk DANCING. SWEETIES They met at nine. They danced at ten. They kissed at eleven. And they were married at twelve. A comedy drama of young sinners and their gay goings-on. One Col. Ad—Style M— Cut or Mat WARNER BROS. Present W hirlwind whoopee at double-time One Col. Slug—Style O— Cut or Mat _—