Dancing Sweeties (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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“DANCING SWEETIES” — A Warner Bros. Production Newspaper Advertising What goes on in the playground of modern youth—the dance hall—where formal introductions are considered as out-of-date as the two-stepP “DANCING SWEETIES” reveals what other pictures have left untold. A Warner Bros. & Vitaphone Talking Picture with GRANT WITHERS and SuE Caro.. GE Warner BROS. /rese/7t DANCING SWEETIES A jazz saga of the younger generation . with an appeal for everybody — side of | ‘S, eS J ( : FN One Col. Ad—Style H— th ete Ohm aed at Cut or Mat WARNER BROS. O Y¥ DANCING % ik SWEETIES Two Column Slug—Style J—Cut or Mat These Ads Tell the Story of This Highly Dramatic Picture of Modern Dance— Mad Youth! What goes on in the Public Dance Hall besides Dancing? = WARNER BROS, present DANCING SWEETIE Yesterday’s generation did its discreet courting in the front parlor to the strains of a waltz played on an old-fashioned music box. But today’s youth gets its results in the public dancehall to the hot rhythm of the latest jazz!