Dancing Sweeties (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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8 “DANCING SWEETIES” — A Warner B ros. Production “Hullabaloo”, Dance Feature in “Dancing Sweeties”, Offers Excellent Opportunities For Exploitation LINES OF TYPE ADS AND A mn NES. 8S Exploitation No. 1—Cut or Mat—Order Separately FOR USE IN EXPLOITATION A Merry, Mad Marriage of Modern Youth. A Rip-Roaring Romance with Rueful Results ! Does Love at First Sight Last ? See what happens when a Dance Hall Sheik EH ALARA AO NA OLA RA RRA Aaa RNS |DANCE CONTESTS IN THEATRE OR AT LOCAL DANCE HALLS WILL CREATE INTEREST Co upon the heels of the “prep-step” and the “Varsity-drag” comes the ‘“Hullaballoo,” the very latest dance which is introduced by Grant Withers and Sue Carol in Warner Bros. Vitaphone production, “Dancing Sweeties.” Publish pictures and a description of the steps in connection with the contests. This should be done just prior to and during the run of the picture at your theatre. This new dance was created by Larry Ceballos, Warner Bros. dance director, and is executed to the special music, ““Hullaballoo.” The music can be obtained from your local dealer or the nearest Witmark office listed below. Though the various steps might be called a bit tricky, the new dance should be mastered with very little practice. (1) From an ordinary dance position take three small steps forward with the outside foot, finishing with meets a Stepping Cutie and Marries her Three Hours later. She Found-aim in + Dance Fall but it was hard to Find him After Marriage. Hundreds of Laughs—and Heart Throbs too. He wanted to Dance—She wanted to Stay Home—They Both did what They wanted to and there was Trouble. hop as in Fig. 1. From this position repeat the step with the inside foot going backward. Then hop to outside foot, and as in Fig. 1 hop to the boy’s left with the outside foot for four counts, changing to the inside foot and continuing around for four more beats, finishing as in Fig. 2. (2) From this position repeat steps as explained in above paragraph. (3) Hop on outside foot to bring inside foot directly behind knee, kicking outward with inside foot. This maneuver is executed in two beats. Hop to inside foot and repeat step. Then shift to outside foot as in Fig. 3 and tap inside toe twice on the floor. Repeat this whole routine four times on alternating feet. (4) Take three short steps forward and kicking into Fig. 4 position, return elevated foot to floor, releasing partner and making complete inside turn in four steps, returning face to face with partner. (5) Facing partner, take four small steps, alternating on each foot, staying in spot and swaying from side to side. Repeat paragraph (4) omitting the turn. Then execute one “Falling Off A Log,” ending on the inside foot. Finish the step by making half circle forward with outside foot, stamping it and drawing it back across floor to starting position. Repeat this half circle with same foot. (6) and (7) Girl turns in front of boy as in Fig. 6. Both walk forward with left foot, swaying from side to side as in Figs. 6 and 7 until finish of music. He wanted to keep right on Sheiking after Marriage. SPORTS STORES TIEUP For display in Sports Shop windows order stills Nos. 20, 21, 22,35, 37, 38, 39. These include horseback, tennis and football outfits. How to Get Stills Order stills from Miss RutH WEISBERG, care of Warner Bros., 321 W. 44th St. State what use you wish to make of stills and careful selection will be made. Price ten cents each. | SILVER CUP PRIZE | For dance contests give silver cup and have it displayed in window of jewelers on main thoroughfare. | WINDOW DISPLAY | Stills 12, 17, 19, 23 and 24 should be used in connection with a Coca Cola display. Good also for display at Soda Fountains. FREE WEDDING In “Dancing Sweeties” there is a free wedding in the dance hall, the couple receiving furniture, etc., from the This can be made into a big exploitation local dealers. stunt for the showing of the picture. Arrange with local dealers to donate prizes to young couple who will stage the wedding in your theatre or any local hall. It would be good publicity for the dealers also, so their cooperation is assured. “Kiss Waltz” aad “Hullabaloo” Music in “Dancing Sweeties” Your local music stores will cooperate in featuring these two great hits. Get in touch with M. Witmark & Sons and secure valuable exploitation aids without cost. These include streamers, title pages, professional copies and orchestrations. Write to publishers direct or nearest branch. M. WITMARK & SONS 1650 Broadway, N. Y. Branch Offices CHICAGO—910 Woods Building, 54 West Randolph St.—Clarence Parrish BOSTON—168 Tremont Street— Frank Rice LOS ANGELES—6425 Hollywood Blyd.—Art Schwartz CINCINNATI—1208 Cen Parkway—Merrell Schwart DETROIT—901 Wurlitzer Bldg., Broadway and John—Will Col lins PITTSBURGH — Care Warner Bros., 1623 Boulevard of Allies. —Selma Malyn ST. LOUIS—401 Ambassador Bldg. —Elmer McDonald SEATTLE—102 Pike St.—Arthur Simmons NEW ORLEANS—Care of Philip Werlein, 605 Canal St. — Dave Frank MINNEAPOLIS — 252 Pantages Bldg.—Fred Strubel PHILADELPHIA—1118 Chestnut; BALTIMORE—827 Hamilton St. St.—Joe Fuchs —Frank Foss