Dancing Sweeties (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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z < theater, 6 “DANCING SWEETIES” — A Warner Bros. Production “DANCING SWEETIES,” NEW WARNER PICTURE, IS FINE COMEDY-DRAMA (Prepared Review) At the Sweeties” with Grant Withers and Sue Carol. Fried. Directed by Ray Enright. =e THE CAST Bill Cleaver Molly O’Neil Jazzbo Ganz Needles Thompson Pa Cleaver Mrs. Cleaver Mrs. O'Neil Emma O’Neil Jerry Browne Nellie O’Neil Ted Hoffman OSSESSING one of the most hu man stories ever brought to the screen, “DANCING SWEHEETIHS,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone comedy-drama of modern youth, opened last night at the theater. The audience was. enthusiastic in their reception as “DANCING SWEETIES” is not only a splendid example. of fine Vitaphoning and skillful photography, but it is also one of the outstanding stories of the year. It is the tale of a dance-crazed youth who is handsome and conceited and who thinks more of @ .aas than he does of his nily. Never once does “DANCING SWEBTIBS” suffer a let down in its thrilling tempo. It is a delightful mixture of comedy and suspense, romance and action. Neither Grant Withers nor Sue Carol are new to the screen, but it is the first time they have ever been seen together, and this new combination results in an effective team _ that succeeds in winning the in terest of the onlooker. Fascinating dances and tunes are introduced for the first time, but it would not do to tell you even a little bit regarding them and spoil the story. Unusually fine performances are given by everyone of the supporting cast, which includes Edna Murphy, the always reliable Tully Marshall, Eddie Philips, Kate Price, Margaret | * Seddon, Adamae Vaughn, Lee Moran, Sid Silvers, Dora Dean and Vincent Barnett. The credit for direction goes to Ray Enright and the story was adapted to the screen by Gordon Rigby and Joseph A. Jackson from Harry Fried’s original story. RANT WITHERS, who enacts the featured role in “DANCING \ SWEETIES,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone production at the. spent more than three weeks practising new dance steps that he introduces in this picture. RANT WITHERS and Sue Carol, who are featured in “DANCING TEETIES,” the Warner Bros. __ “itaphone comedy-drama now laying~at the theater, are teamed together on the _ silver screen for the first time. Theatre, Warner Bros. present “Dancing Scenario by Gordon Rigby and Joseph A. Jackson. rd a VE <9 ee Xe gg eho 6 Wee 106 epee en eae. ea eee wee eel be sia nN SRN nInS eS rae Rp Edna Murphy Sc ee Margaret Seddon % Wace 6 0. 0) 0G ndee sal. ec ee one. Ce SR Sarak eae Adamae Vaughn Se te ee Sid Silvers as eee ea ere Dora Dean Ce ere ee ee Pe ee Pe ee | NO LONGER INGENUE Wj ae Grant Withers a. Sings In New Warner Film (Feature) Grant Withers, featured with Sue Carol in “Dancing Sweeties,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone picture, now showing at the____ Theatre, has been taking vocal instruction since the beginning of the Vitaphone era. Withers tutored under the leading voice teachers of Hollywood and the results of his private instruction are to be heard in ‘“Dancing Sweeties.”’ He sings one of the hit songs of the picture, “Kiss Waltz,” and his vocal ability has drawn favorable comment from both his teachers and the public. Story by Harry GRANT WITHERS Sue Carol Ne ene ag eee Eddie Philips Tully Marshall Kate Price great improvement and is a result of the vocal instruction. Sue Carol also sings “Kiss Waltz” Vincent Barnett in “Dancing Sweeties.” DANCE HALL BUILT ON SOUND STAGE Edna Murphy made her first big screen hit many years ago as the little blonde vamp of “Over the Hill,” but since she was only fifteen at the time, subsequent years found her cast many times in ingenue or sweet girl roles. Now, however, Edna has declared that for her there will be no more ingenues, and she proves that she means it by her role in “Dancing Sweeties,‘ the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone production which is now abs iets Theatre. (Short Feature) Enough hardwood lumber, in twoinch width strips, to reach 20 miles if laid end to end was utilized by Warner Bros. studios for the construction of the ball room. floor in “DANCING SWEETIBS,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone production featuring Grant Withers and Sue Carol which is now playing at the Pe Rg ees theater. ; An immense sound-proof stage measuring 90 by 200 feet was completely transformed into a dance hall, in which much of the action takes place, and it was no easy chore that faced the technical department in the laying of 18,000 square feet of hardwood flooring. The important event of the evening for Molly and Bill is the Dance Contest Prod. No. 3—Cut or Mat ADVERTISEMENT Human Drama Of Youth Wins Screen. Audiences “Dancing Sweeties” a Delightful Comedy-Drama of Modern Age REI EO GRANT WITHERS has a role in (Prepared Review) “Dancing Sweeties” that is cut to “F\ANCING SWEETIES,” the order for him—a sort of fresh “I’m it” guy. Withers has a fine speaking voice and is an_ excellent comedian as well as leading man. He recently appeared in “Saturday’s Children,” “In the Headlines,” “Hearts in Exile,” and “So Long Letty.” Warner Bros. and Vitaphone production which opened at the_. Suabe theater last night, unquestion ably proved itself one of the finest comedy-dramas of modern youth that has been shown on the silver screen in many moons. Adapted by Gordon Rigby and Joseph A. Jackson from Harry Fried’s original story, this picture provides a new .and novel plot which is packed with tense moments of humanly moving drama and affords fun of the finest fare. The handsome young giant Grant Withers, whose versatile ability has brought him wide-spread popularity, plays the part of Bill Cleaver, a smart-cracking youth who thinks more about winning trophy cups at dance halls than about his family. He meets Molly O’Neil at a large dance emporium and discovers, after two or three dances and four coca-colas, that she is in the same plight as himself, that of being misunderstood and abused by his parents, They are mutually sympathetic and, on the spur of the moment, take advantage of the dance hall’s offer of a free wedding with. a furnished apartment. They are married, but after many hilarious family complications, Bill and Molly are brought to earth with a bang. A. perfectly chosen cast assures a remarkable evening of entertainment. Sue Carol portrays the part of Molly O’Neil and the supporting cast includes Edna Murphy, Tully Marshall, Eddie Philips, Margaret Seddon, Kate Price, Adamae Vaughn, Sid Silvers and many others. Once again, Ray Enright, who directed, proves his fine ability by the deftness and obvious ease with which he handled this picture. It is a picture well worth seeing. WARNER BROS. presené DANCING SWEETIE Flaming youth with fuel added to the fire—that’s this scorching, red-hot romance of a sleek sheik and a slender sheba whose love rendezvous was the raciest dance-hall in town. WITH GRANT WITHERS SUE them sing: “THE KISS WALTZ” I, os Vi TAPiton: REG -TRADE MARK 1 Col. Ad Style D—Cut or Mat Withers’ speaking voice also shows! They met at nine. Edna Murphy Made Screen Debut as Child (Biographical Feature) Though Edna Murphy played the leading feminine role in her first motion picture, made eleven years ago, She is only twenty-five years old now. She was born in New York and educated at Brooklyn Nemal Training School. For at she posed as a model. Her film debut, ar made at the age of fourteen, was with the Vitagraph company in Brooklyn when the youthful Edna played the principal faminine part in = O’ Henry’s “A sepa tetisabheri ais papa asa Stock S-181 Philistine in BoCut or Mat hemia.” She had Order Separately never been on the stage, though during her attendance at school st}e had done much posing for commercial photographers. Miss Murphy first attracted attention when she played the baby vamp in the Fox production, “Over the Hill,” and the company was so pleased with her work that they immediately placed her under contract, soon afterward sending her to Hollywood. After the expiration of this con trace Miss Murphy free-lanced fora number of years, and also entered into a contract with Hal Roach, under the terms of which she was Starred in three serials and twelve short productions. The advent of the Vitaphone brought added success to Miss Murphy, and among the talking pictures in which she has appeared for Warner Bros. are “My Man,” “Kid. Gloves,” ‘The Sap,” “Second Choice,” and “Dancing Sweeties,” noWat“ the. 2 Theatre, and in which she plays a prominent role in support of Grant Withers and Sue Carol. ee nto eee TORO ae el eee Kate Price, well known screen character actress, now playing in “Dancing Sweeties” at the Theatre, is a true daughter of Ireland. Kate was born in Cork. eee ADVERTISEMENT They danced at ten. They kissed at eleven and they were married at twelve! Two Col. Ad Style E—Cut or Mat