Dancing Sweeties (Warner Bros.) (1930)

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“DANCING SWEETIES” — A Warner Bros. Production Geet Now Fila “Dancing Sweeties” A Modern © Story of Dance-Mad Youth and Whirlwind Romances | New Film Stars _ THE STORY | Grant Withers PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS T is a big night at Hoffman’s And Sue Carol Parisian Dance Palace, the attrac_—_—_—— | tion being a public wedding with (Advance) ANCING SWEETIES” starts with whirlwind speed. One of the early scenes shows Bill cleverly getting rid of Needles and making himself acquainted with Molly. This is sure-fire comedy. a completely furnished home as a gift to the bride and groom.| He met her—danced with her, “Needles” ‘Thompson and_ Bill] and five Coca-colas later he marCleaver, the latter a tall handsome| ried her. youth, are two of the sheiks who try to outdo each other each time there is a dance contest. Bill usually wins the prize. It is such that happens to Bill Cleaver and Molly O’Neil in “DANCING SWEETIBS,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone production which comes to the. theater After one dance Bill and Molly have a long talk about their mutual family troubles. This scene is filled with comedy and human interest. Exchange of Partners. On this particular evening they are all joking about the wedding and betting as to who will win the dance contest. Needles has brought a new girl and Bill becomes interested in her. Jazzbo Gans, a wisecracking little blonde, is on hand to enter the contest with Bill, her regular partner. The sequence showing the prospective bride and groom fighting and calling off the public wedding they were set to stage, is a humorous bit of tomfoolery. The whirlwind courtship takes place in Hoffman’s Parisian Dance Palace, where Bill meets Molly by actually stealing her from under the very nose of his rival, and after a few strains of soft music and a mutually sympathetic talk over cold drinks the youthful couple, amidst a blaring of trumpets, indulge in a free marriage with all the trimmings. The sudden decision of Bill and Molly to marry is a surprise punch. Laughs run riot when the scared By a clever ruse, Bill succeeds newlyweds face their parents. in entering the contest with Molly (Needles new girl friend) and Needles and Jazzbo, both thoroughly angry, decide to be partners and | do their best to win. However, Bill and Molly are awarded the prize and they become attracted to each other immediately. The way in which Bill and Molly explore the new home, given them free because of the public wedding, is a scene that will find the sympathy of the audience. The part of Bill Cleaver is played by Grant Withers and the role of Molly O’Neill by Sue Carol. The cast of ‘this fast moving story of modern youth includes Edna Murphy, ‘Tully’ Marshall, Eddie Philips, Margaret Seddon, Adamae Vaughn, and others. Bill’s anxiety and nervousness as the time draws near for the fake telephone call that will enable him to get to the dance hall forms a few tense moments. : SUE ' The moment comes for the public iiss Carrol and Gray Githers i7 “Dancing Sweet/es” wedding but the prospective bride Varner Bros, Production. and groom have had a quarrel and Popular youthful players of the screen who are co-starred in this changed their minds. In despera exciting story of Dance Hall Romances. tion the anager asks Bill and Molly to take their places. Hav Production No. 1—Cut or Mat ing discovered in themselves the symptoms of love, they decide to take a chance and the big event comes off as advertised. It was adapted to the screen by Gordon Rigby and Joseph A. Jackson from Harry Fried’s original story. Ray Enright directed It’s a real domestic scene whéx Bill comes home sheepishly and tells Molly he was not at the dance hall with Jazzbo. Modern Dancing Plays Big Part In New Picture One of the high spots in “Dancing Sweeties” is when Bill tells Molly that people are fools to have children. She stifles a sob and runs to her room. Bill Strays They are happy in their home for a while, until Bill becomes restless and longs for the carefree days of the dance hall. Molly has lost her interest in dancing and eventually Bill enters a contest with Jazzbo, telling Molly that he is going to visit his sick father. Molly is at home listening to the radio when she hears the announcement that Bill and Jazzbo nave won the dance contest at Hoffman’s. Molly is heartbroken. WARNER BROS. present “DANCING SWEETIES” — with — Grant Withers & Sue Carol Molly’s inability to dance the new step which Bill at the Atlas Athletic and Social Club strikes a note of . genuine. pathos. (Advance) Grant Withers, being in reality a good dancer, got a lot of fun out of his role in “DANCING SWEETIES,” the Warner Bros. and Vitaphone comedy-drama which comes to thes=2 theater next_____.-.___.. As enacted by Withers, Bill Cleaver in “DANCING SWEETIES” is a dance mad flaming youth who marries on the spur of the moment, a boy who tried to mix dance halls with matrimony and soon discovers with dire results that such a combination cannot exist. The cast of this fast moving melodrama includes Sue Carol, Edna Murphy, Tully Marshall, Adamae Vaughn, Eddie Philips, Kate Price, Margaret Seddon. It was adapted to the screen by Gordon Rigby and Joseph A. Jackson from the original story by Harry Fried. Ray Enright directed. Molly tries not to show how hurt she feels when Bill asks her if he may dance with Jazzbo, who can expertly execute the new steps. This scene has audience appeal. Another bit of human drama creeps in when Bill wanders into his old home and stands before the mirror, bitterly reproaching himself for having been such a fool. The Quarrel ’ Bill returns rather sheepishly, steadfastly denying that he was to the dance hall. Following a quarrel with Molly he leaves the house in a rage. The CAST Bit CLEAWER GRANT WITHERS MOLLY ONE! = SUE CAROL JAZZBO GANS _____----------------_----Edna Murphy MIR CLEAVER =. Tully Marshall nies CLEAVER 3 Kile Price a ee Ademnae, Vesela |) 9S cack tint ovens NEEDLES THOMP SON ere cea ne i ili Molly and Needles win out over Bill and Jazzbo. Bill leaves the hall alone. A charming love scene takes place when Molly steps from her hiding place and takes Bill in her arms. For a few weeks he is apparently happy in his old haunts. One night at Hoffman’s he is surprised It’s a howl when Molly and Bill, who are pushing a perambulator through the park, see Needles and Jazzbo engaged in the same occupation. Dancing Sweeties” Boasts Novel Theme DRAMA, LOVE, ROMANCE, Automatically, he wanders to their home. He is standing in the middle of the room, bemoaning the fact that he has lost Molly and unconsciously he calls to her. Molly who has been hiding in a closet, hears him and rushes out to fling herself in his arms. Based on the story by HARRY FRIED An exciting story of modern youth is’ coming to the.__.....__-_Theater next: =e It is a Warner Bros. and Vitaphone feature called “Dancing Sweeties” and starring ‘those two popular young players of the screen, Sue Carol and Grant Withers. The story is an unusual one and while it deals principally with the problems of modern young people with limited incomes, it will be thoroughly enjoyed by the older folk too. Screen Dialogue by GORDON RIGBY and JOSEPH JACKSON M USIC, DANCING in a picture that spells BOX-OFFICE Directed by RAY ENRIGHT Happy Ending Sometime later we see Bill and Molly strolling through the park wheeling a perambulator and they meet Jazzbo and Needles indulging in the same occupation. A Warner Bros. @ Vitaphone Production