Call It a Day (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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STAR FEATURES STAR ART IN MAT FORM FOR NEWSPAPER USE door ments Although Olivia de Havilland has been busy as a very busy bee this last year, what with a brand new film career that started with her role in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” followed with stardom in “Captain Blood,” “Charge of the Light Brigade,” “Anthony Adverse” and the recently completed “Call It a Day,” which comes to the__________ Theatre, on___________. » she still found time to live the life of a normal, healthy and happy twenty-year old girl. * * * Outdoor sports come first in her bright lexicon of youth. Swimming, sailing, bicycling, horse-back riding and archery rank first, but she likes a good hard game of tennis. A favorite among Hollywood’s younger set, she’s usually joined in her outdoor fun by hordes of her pals, * % a Olivia finds time for her pet hobbies, too—painting, writing, and collecting the things reminiscent of important or pleasant events in her life. Love letters, (she gets ’em) some chosen fan mail, programs, a tiny Japanese kimona presented to her in Japan (where she was born) on her second birthday, a copy of her first screen contract, and a Page Ten DIVING — plain and fancy, is only one of many outaccomplishof Olivia de Havilland. scrap of film from each of the pictures she has been in to date, are just a few of her treasures. * * Although she likes parties and “dates” as well as any girl of her age, she limits herself to one or two a week, because she’s very serious about her career, and is afraid that late hours will interfere with the next day’s work. Hasn’t as yet shown a preference for any male, but hopes and expects to fall in love some day and stay in love for the rest of her life. % * * She’s a good business woman, too, but lets her mother manage her financial affairs, because as she says: “Mother is a_ better one.” So Olivia turns over all her earnings to Mrs. de Havilland, keeping for herself the munificent sum of ten dollars a week for lunches and “incidentals.” A couple of times a year however she goes on a shopping spree and forgets all about her budget. * *€ & Her pet fear is that she may grow swell-headed from all the adulation accorded her. Her recipe for this is frequent visits to the town of Saratoga, California, where she lived from the time she was three until she came to Hollywood. “There,” she says, “I’m just one of the home town girls, and none of my friends hesitate to tell me about my many faults. They think it’s nice I’m making good in the movies, but they don’t forget that I used to steal peaches and play ‘cops and robbers’ with them.” ARCHERY ranks _ high among Olivia’s favorite outdoor sports. Her eye is as accurate as her form is good. Maybe they’ll be casting her as Cupid before long. And speaking of Cupid, she has many boy friends but no serious heart attachment. SAILING her own boat is Olivia’s idea of fun. She’s an expert. skipper and hopes to enter a race very soon. Besides her athletic activities she studies languages and music. She will be at the AR Theatre on in “Call It a Has two reigning ambitions— one is to travel around the world, and spend a summer in the part of Japan where she was born, the other is to write a novel good enough to be published. This, of course, aside from her film ambitions. “And,” she adds wistfully, “I’d like to learn how to cook.” * * * She doesn’t neglect her studies, either. When she graduated from Los Gatos Union High School, she won a scholarship to Mills College, but the summer before she was to have entered, Professor Max Reinhardt “discovered” her, and cast her as Hermia in his Hollywood Bowl production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” A Warner Bros. contract followed and she found herself a movie star in September instead of a college freshman. The Opportunity was too exciting to be missed, so she continued her studies at home rather than give up the film career. Spanish, Italian and French are only a few of her studies. Her mother, who studied at Sir Beerbohm Tree’s Dramatics Academy in London, coaches her in diction. * * * Miss de Havilland is five feet, four inches tall, weighs 107 pounds, has reddish brown hair and brown eyes, and a naturally sunny temperament. Likes the simple life, and seldom attends social functions. She does not drink or smoke, simply because neither habit appeals to her—and _ not because she’s prudish. Although she has skyrocketed to fame, she dresses as simply as a schoolgirl, and has no affectations. As one of her fans wrote recently—‘She’s the kind of girl you were in love with in high school.” Sa USE : STAR ART FOR BEST RESULTS * HORSEBACK riding comes as natural as walking to Olivia, who was brought up in the great open spaces of California. Her happiest holidays are spent Newspaper and magazine editors are usually recep tive to star art. Here’s at ou family’s rane in the i ee. le another in the Hollywood After Hours series. Note the art can be used without story if desired. For Hollywood After Hours, complete with two heading mats Order Mat No. 401B—40c 4 CAMPAIGN PLAN EDITOR 321 West 44th Street New York, N. Y. BICYCLING is good fun as well as good exercise, and paddling on the beach is one of the favorite After Hour activities of Olivia de Havilland. She also plays a good game of golf and is a crack tennis player. WHOLLYWOOD STAR GAZING*® Born IN JAPAN, REARED ON SHAKESPEARE BY HER MOTHER OLIVIA pve HAVILLAND JumPeED FROM HIGHSCHOOL TO FILM STARDOM VIA AN UNDERSTUDIES JOB IN MAX REINHARDT'S , “MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM” HER HOBBY IS SWIMMING AND DIVING. REFUSES TO TAKE LOVE AS A SERIOUS MATTER OFF THE SCREEN --- IAN HUNTER IS SOUTH AFRICA’S LEADING GIFT TO THE MOVIES.A WORLD 2) WAR HERO,HE WAS ONE OF ENGLAND'S OUTSTANDING STAGE AND SCREEN STARS BEFORE WARNER BROS. BROUGHT HIM TO HOLLYWOOD. SAILS , A CUTTER,SWIMS PLAYS is TENNIS ,BUT EXCELS AT GOLF- ANITA LOUISE SPEAKS FIVE LANGUAGES AND IS ONE OF FILMDOM'S TWO GREATEST HARPISTS. THE OTHER IS HARPO MARX. HAS A VOICE OF GRAND OPERA TIMBRE, SHE HAS BEEN ON THE STAGE SINCE SHE WAS A TINY CHILD. BEAUTIFUL AND POPULAR SHE LIKES DANCING SWIMMING FENCING AND BOYS BUT AT 19 HAS HAD NO MAJOR HEART AFFAIRS.2 Dice 2 DAUGHTER OF A FAMOUS THEATRICAL PRODUCER ALICE BRADY STUDIED FOR GRAND OPERA BUT THE STAGE WAS ALWAYS HER FIRST LOVE STARTED AT 12, BECAME A LEADING EMOTIONAL ACTRESS, NOW AN OUTSTANDING FILM COMEDIENNE -- RoLaAND YouNG coLLEcTS PENGUINS AND HAS MORE THAN 500 CHINABIRDS AND ONE LIVE _ ONE THAT FOLLOWS HIM ON ALL HIS WALKS. HE IS THE AUTHOR OF p SEVERAL BOOKS OF CARICATURES AND IS ONE OF HOLLYWOODS MOST "POPULAR STARS. NOW WITH THE _ OTHERS HE'S AIMING FOR A NEW HIGH IN COSMOPOLITAN PRODUCTION'S “CALL IT A DAY" (Mat No. 207—20c)