Call It a Day (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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THESE LOCAL DEALERS READY TO CO-OPERATE 3 NATION-WIDE TIE-UPS NATIONAL PROMOTION Calox Plugs Via Air and McKesson & Robbins, Inc., manufacturers of Calox Tooth Powder, are giving this picture a swell boost in their newspaper, magazine and radio advertising. Almost fifteen million readers will see ads in the May issue of Esquire and the April 24th Collier’s. In addition, another twelve million newspaper readers throughout the nation will see plugs for your star and show. And on the air, eleven large stations will carry programs plugging the film. It’s a big tie-up, and one that warrants co-operation with local dealers on big window displays and co-op ads. ADS IN THESE PROGRAMS ON NEWSPAPERS: 11 STATIONS N. Y. World Telegram Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Five times a week, St. Paul Dispatch at 1:15 P.M.) & Pioneer Press Minneapolis Journal WHN WNAC Boston Herald Traveler WTIC WTAG Indianapolis Star Kansas City Journal (Every Thursday, ‘ dod nRere at 9:45 A.M.) maha Bee News Phila. Public Ledger WOR WAAB Los Angeles Examiner WGAR CKLW San Francisco KOIL WGN Examiner . WHB ESQUIRE’S AD NEWSPAPER AD COLLIER’S AD For further information concerning newspaper and radio schedule, contact: MR. GEORGE S. MAREK 630 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY Big Pullman Ads | Catalina Suits You've undoubtedly seen the c/o BROWN & TARCHER, Inc. Although it might seem a bit early Page Eight smash campaign that the Pullman company has been putting over in all the big magazines recently. Well, just before film’s release date, all their ads will feature Anita Louise, and will give the star — and the picture — all the plugging you could want. Unfortunately, the press book deadline was reached before we could get hold of a proof of the ad, or a list of the many national magazines that will carry it, but you can rest assured that you'll get a big break. As a local tie-up, we suggest blowing up the ad and spotting it in travel agency windows and in railroad terminals. It shouldn’t be hard to do, and it’s another inexpensive way to tell the folks about your show. 443 So. San Pedro Street to you, the bathing suit people are already starting their advertising campaigns. The Pacific Knitting Mills, manufacturers of the famous Catalina bathing suits, are featuring Anita Louise in half page ad which will appear in the May Ist issue of Harper’s, and in Screenland and Silver Screen there will be half page ads featuring Olivia de Havilland. This tie-up gives you another chance for co-operation with local dealers. They'll surely want to tie up with you, and there are plenty of angles to work from. So, for names of local dealers, and additional information regarding this tie-up, contact: MR. E. W. STEWART Pacific Knitting Mills Los Angeles, Cal.