Call It a Day (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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MERCHANT TIE-UPS ATTUNED TO SPRING CO-OP MATS & STILLS Six co-op suggestions with just the right spring note that local merchants will be more than eager to use, especially since the cuts are available in mat form. Order mats or stills through the Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City.—Stills—10c each. EXPLOITATION OPPENHEIM’S AQUUUUUUUUUOQAUUUQUUQUUUUUIUUUIUII Freeman Ave. NATALIE’S PERFUME SHOP 28th STREET FIFTH AVE Anita Louise who appears in “Call It A Day” now at the nee ee ee Theatre. Olivia de Havilland who appears in “Call It A Day” coming to the LI WCGLRE ON eae ee Se ee Zs PURE LACE and CHIFFON NEGLIGEES perfumes that flatter your individuality. Lovely Olivia de Havilland* makes her choice. *“Call It A Day’ at the Theatre SUIT YOUR BUDGET CALL IT A DAY well-spent and visit our shop. Our new line of tailored suits is not Softly flattering styles in ANNNNQQUOOOGUSS00000000UOOQOEEOUOOAUOOOOOOOUAGOOQVOREOUCGOOQOOEEOOUOOOQOQEEOUAGOOOOOEUUUEGEOOUEEUUUOOONEE OU UOAEA OA a variety of gorgeous spring shades await your careful OD. PUB. A 454 Mat No. 202-B—20c selection—in lace and chif only pleasing to the eye, but fon or in taffeta, our negli infinite pains have _ been gees are styled to make you taken to please the pocketlook long-limbed and slen book as well der as a reed. MORE STILL TIE-UPS Sweater Suit—OD. 807 Evening Dress—OD. 684 Daytime Ensemble—OD. 803 Peasant Dress—AL. 640 Nails—OD. 776 Hat—AL. 643 Spring Coat—OD. 744 Campus Dress—AL. 569 Flower Shop—OD. 724 Evening Jacket—AL. 564 Negligee—OD. 710 Sailcloth Pajama Suit—AL. 522 AL. 130 Mat No. 104-B—10c CRAWFORD’S Department Store South William Street NEGLIGEES Street Floor AANNUUNVAUULUGUOUNONOLAOOOUOUEUOUO0SE0000000000008 YOUSUOEOOOUEOEOSEOGOOGGOOUOOOUGOELOPOOUEOCOOOESOOOOOGOOGOEROOEUOEOEOOOOOEOOUOAEOUAEEUUATAESEAAE OD. 758 Mat No. 101-B—10c Stillk—_10c each, Set of 12—-$1.00. Order from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44th St., N. Y. C. For Sports For Town For School For Riding An all around hat as fea tured by Olivia de Havil land in “Call It A Day” at Theatre. nita Louise ape pearing in “Call It 7A Day” coming to Tan Hunter featured in “Call It A Day” at the Theatre. A CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT in FELTS CALL IT A DAY and SMOKE A PIPE At the end of a day what could be more en YOUNG -ROMANGE in Full-Skirted Taffeta The battle of the sexes still rages with more and more men’s fashions being adapted by the up-to-date female. Slouch felts are the latest to succumb to the feminine touch—ours have just the casual note you’re looking for. ANNETTE’S HAT SHOP North William Street OD. 741 Mat No. 102-B—10c There’s an enchanting feminine grace in our full-skirted taffeta evening gowns — beautiful adaptations of the one worn by Anita Louise. WALSH’S Grace Street Fashioned with all the expert care that only experienced. dress-makers can give, their fragile floating elegance is the envy of all fashion-minded women. joyable than curling up in your easy chair with a pipe. We invite you to pay us a visit and select your type. OSCAR’S PIPE SHOP East William Street AL. 544 : ; TH. 77 Mat No. 201-B—20c Mat No. 103-B—10c Page Seven