Call It a Day (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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LOBBY STUNTS « RADIO VITAPHONE * PROGRAM SERVICE EXPLOITATION GENERAL SUGGESTIONS LOBBY BOARD SELLS STARS Here’s a swell way to sell film’s stars: Put your copy on a lobby board, leaving room for cutouts of several stars. In each star, player’s head is placed. Then lights are spotted behind each star, flashing on and off to reveal the heads. Display is inexpensive, yet quite effective. LEGIT CRITIC Success of stage play suggests screening for local drama critic. After he sees the picture he’ll probably give it a plug in his column, comparing the screen version with the play. And if you’re lucky, he’ll want to lecture on the subject from the stage of your theatre. USE FAMILY ANGLE TOWN’S TYPICAL FAMILY Try tying up with some civic organization on a search for your town’s typical family. The family should correspond to the Hiltons in the film, and of course you compare the two families during your search and throughout the publicity you you give it afterwards. Could be made a big stunt, with local stores offering merchandise, etc., to the winner. AND THE IDEAL HOME Along the same angle, you could try to find the most perfect home in town. It shouldn’t be the biggest, necessarily, but just the typical American home. Again, stores ought to help you. FAMILY TREE IN LOBBY Compo-board tree, with star heads on various branches. Catchline tells folks that it’s the nutty family in “Call It a Day.” FAMILY ALBUM Stills of stars could be arranged in a giant album in your lobby. Catchlines under each still can be taken from the ad copy, while general copy plugs film’s many stars. % YOUNGSTERS ALSO PLUG Think that kids springing up and down on pogo sticks couldn’t possibly plug your show? Well, they will if signs on their backs read “Get back that SPRING feeling and see ‘Call It a Day’ at the Strand Theatre.”” And the youngsters ought to be willing to do it if you offer them a ticket or two for their trouble. FREE SKETCH Swell 12 minute radio sketch is available on this film. Just drop a line to Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. A mimeographed copy for each member of the cast will be sent to you by return mail. PHOTOG TIES UP Tie-up with photographer gives you a swell line that will tell folks that your picture is one that the whole family will like. Idea is to place display in his window, with copy reading something like this: ‘LaFrance offers unusual pictures OF your family; the Strand Theatre offers an unusual picture FOR your family. See ‘Call It a Day’ etc.”’ TALK ON BEAUTY The many female stars in pictures ought to inspire local beauty experts to do a little extensive plugging. The stars represent several types of beauty, and a clever beauty expert ought to be able to give lectures on how girls of corresponding types can make themselves more attractive. Maybe one of them will talk in lobby for feminine patrons: SPRING IN LOBBY Action of picture takes place on the first day of Spring, so if you’re playing it during the season, we suggest decking your lobby out in a real Spring-y way. If you can promote flowers and birds, don’t be afraid to use them; and if you can borrow a rustic bench, set it up in one corner with vines and flowers around it, as sort of a little garden. VITAPHONE SHORTS “PICADOR PORKY” (Looney Tunes) Porky Pig in a series of riotous situations when Porky throws the Bull. (7 minutes—No. 2807) “VITAPHONE DIVERSIONS” (Big Time Vaudeville) Featuring those famous comedians, Smith and Dale, Brown, Rich and Ball, and others. (10 minutes—No. 2608) “ROMANCE OF ROBERT BURNS” (Broadway Brevities, Technicolor) Owen King, Linda Perry, and Marcia Ralston in a beautiful portrayal of the life of the great poet. (20 minutes—No. 2004) “CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION” (Color-Tour Adventures) An interesting tour of the Mediterranean and Jerusalem showing the places where civilization first began. : (10 minutes—No. 2309) “CLYDE McCOY IN A JAM SESSION” (Melody Masters) A red hot jam session when the swing master lets himself go with a blast of rhythm and syncopation. (10 minutes—No. 2513) “THE FELLOW WITH THE FIDDLE” (Merrie Melodies, Tech.) A brilliantly-hued cartoon gem, with a grand story and swell gags! (7 minutes—No. 2207) Page Six | 321 West 44th Street, PUBLICITY MEN! THEATRE MANAGERS! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS NEW SERVICE If you publish a house organ, program or mailing piece, let us help you with specially selected news Stories, pictures, and mats. We also stand ready to aid you with material suitable for local newspaper breaks. All you need do is fill out the coupon and send us a few samples of your publicity mediums. te hie Sea Stam Pak Srey “cnlsitg Rte epee, Meee MMOL To Sn cele Yel ana iS Sil Maia ence) Le eM Ot ica Sa) Oe Mie BBL SO lprwh (ey cas ee ee lab Ne EDITOR MAT DESK, WARNER BROS. PICTURES, INC. New York City, N. Y. NOM Oe ea cae Se PE AES cde OE eel se gh ee eee Pucnys Careeter .5 5. 2. Sree hs, mk eS oe ee VAGGreSS3.h a ee ee pS PRA Rt oso oe Pad MPR Lage ne