Call It a Day (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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EXPLOITATION “CALL AT A DAY: NEWSPAPER CONTEST THREE DAY CONTEST Here’s a simple contest, yet difficult enough to sustain interest. Specially devised to plug title and stars of the show. Many additional publicity angles will suggest themselves to editors, which should be to your advantage. Contest, complete with the 3 mats. Order Mat No. 203 B— 20c from CAMPAIGN PLAN EDITOR, 321 West 44th St., New York City. (Ist Day Contest) Name Day and Win Prize Call the day, Movie Fans, and you can truly call it a day, for yowll be on your way to winning one of the valuable prizes the____.------(newspaper) is offering to readers. Above you see Anita Louise all surrounded by lillies, and at the right, Olivia de Havilland. What particular days do these pictures represent? Hold your answers until the entire set of 6 pictures have been published. Prizes are tickets’ tos then 2 ee Theatre to see “Call It a Day” which ODONG Of a eee, (Leadoff Story) THEATRE TICKETS FREE TO WINNERS OF NEW CONTEST When you call it a day, Movie Fans, what do you call the day? That’s what the (newspaper) wants to know, and what they will offer valuable prizes to find out. Tomorrow a new and unusual contest begins in this newspaper. Each day, for three days, pictures specially posed by the stars of the Cosmopolitan production “Call It a Day,” which opens at the Theatre on........ will be published. Each picture Name and address of conwill represent a specific day— testants should be clearly such as Christmas Day, or printed. Thanksgiving Day. Contestants are to study the pictures and the hints published below ‘each one, and make up their minds what days are represented. At the end of the contest, send your answers to the “Call It a Day” Contest Editor of the..... (newspaper). The first 25 correct—or most nearly correct— ‘lists received, will each win two ~guest tickets to the...... Theatre where the lucky contestants will see one of the smartest, cleverest comedies of the season presented by a cast which includes Olivia de Havilland, Anita Lonise, Ian Hunter, Alice Brady, Roland Young and Frieda Inescort. (Publish Daily) RULES OF CONTEST J. Everyone is eligible to enter this contest except employes of the Theatre, the .... (newspaper) and members of their families. Each of the six pictures represents a definite day, such as Christmas Day, Arbor Day, ete. Contestants must properly specify the particular days illustrated by the pictures. No replies should be sent in until all six pictures have been published. Replies should be sent to the “Call It a Day” Contest Editor of the paper). ANSWERS First Day — Easter (Anita Louise). Birthday (Olivia de Havilland. Sunday Second Day—Valentine’s Day (Anita Louise and Peter Willes). St. Patrick’s Day (Olivia de Havilland). Third Day —Father’s Day (Olivia de Havilland, Peter Willes, Bonita Granville and Jan Hunter). Wedding Day—(Olivia de Havilland). Page Four with (1st Day Publicity) BEGIN TODAY 10 WIN PRIZES FOR “CALLIT ADAY" Today the new ........ (newspaper) contest which offers guest tickets, “fOsetNe =... ene Theatre as prizes begins. Published here are two pictures, one of Olivia de Havilland and the other of Anita Louise. Each picture represents a_ specific day, a national holiday or something. We'll tell you definitely that Christmas Day is not represented. But it will require practically no ingenuity to find out what these pictures mean. We ean’t promise though, that all will be as easy to read. Tomorrow another pair of pictures appears and the following day the final two will be published. Do not send in your answers to these pictures. Wait until all six have appeared and then submit your replies to the “Call It a Day” Contest Editor of the aele wae (newspaper). The first 25 correct answers received will each win two guest tickets to see “Call It a Day,” the Cosmopolitan Produetion coming to the ie ae east Mhieatre cons sess aes Olivia de Havilland, Ian Anita Louise, Roland Hunter, “Young, Alice Brady and Frieda Inesecort in the featured roles. Based on a stage play that had a sensational success in London and on Broadway, this is declared by critics to be one of the wittiest, cleverest plays of the year and one that every member of the family will enjoy. Now study the pictures get ready for tomorrow. and (3rd Day Contest) Final Call For Day Prize Today ends the “Call It a Day” Contest. You've been shown six pictures of the stars of “Call It a Day” which opens at the... theatre on lists received to the pepe sew et ae haere Each pose represents a specific day. Thanksgiving, New Year's etc. are examples of special “days.” Name all six and rush your answers to the “Call It a Day’ Con 4686 BGifor OF (ONO: 2-4-3 Go (postmarks count) will each win two guest tickets _......... Theatre to see the breeziest funniest comedy of the season. (2nd Day Contest) Prizes If You Call Day Here’s the second step in the __________-------.--(newspaper) three day contest for Movie Fans, offering guest tickets to the —-.--.---. Theatre to readers who can name the six specific days illustrated by pictures of “Call It a Day’ stars. For instance Anita Louise and Peter Willes might be illustrating “Christmas Day,” only they’re not. Olivia de Havilland tells her own story. Now it’s up to you. (Last Day Publicity) Last Chance To Win Free “Call lt A Day” Tickets Here’s your last chance, Movie Fans, to ‘‘Call The Day’’ and win two guest tickets to the Theatre where the Cosmopolitan star spangled comedy ‘‘Call It a Day”’ WiHlOpen OR alee or a! : The two pictures shown today were posed by members of the cast and each picture represents a specific day (not Thanksgiving Day) known to everyone. All you have to do is to identify these days, and the four other days shown yesterday and the day before, and rush your answers to the “Call It a Day” Contest EdLOL: Of HEM. Pe enae ss (newspaper). The first 25 correct—or most nearly correct—lists received, will each win two tickets to the..... Theatre. Seldom are eritics as unanimous in praise of any motion picture as they have been of “Call It a Day” which, as a stage production, was an outstanding hit in London and New York. Now all you have to do to obtain an evening of hilarious fun and romantic thrills, is to use your best judgment and try to properly identify what the pictures represent. Speed of course, is a requirement. So get busy and win yourself a real motion picture treat with Olivia de Havilland, Ian Hunter, Anita Louise, Alice Brady, Roland Young and a dozen other Hollywood film favorites in the smartest comedy of the year. (newspaper). First 25 correct