Call It a Day (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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Sfirial Billing WARNER BROS. 40% Pictures Inc., Presents 5% CALLIT 2 DAY uwith Olivia de Havilland ° Ian Hunter 75% Anita Louise : Alice Brady 75% Roland Young °* Frieda Inescort 75% Peggy Wood © Walter Woolf King 20% Bonita Granville . Beryl Mercer 20% Directed by Archie Mayo 40% A Cosmopolitan Production 40% A Warner Bros. Picture 20% Qotof Garactirs Catherine Hilton Olivia de Havilland Roger Hilton Ian Hunter Joan Collett Anita Louise Muriel West Alice Brady POI LOPRES coo oes ecccissadlicis Sh OLA, ¥ GUNS Dorothy Hilton Frieda Inescort Ann Hilton Bonita Granville Ethel Francts Peggy Wood Beatrice Gwynn Marcia Ralston PvE RONEN aa. ciha RAC Ne cl sda Walter Woolf King Peter Willes Una O’Connor The Story It is the first day of Spring in the home of Roger Hilton (Jan Hunter) a prominent accountant. Roger and his wife, Dorothy (Frieda Inescort) have been married twenty years without ever thinking of having other romances. They have become settled and rather stodgy. Their daughter, Catherine, (Olivia de Havilland) is having her picture painted by a famous artist, Paul Francis, (Walter Woolf King), who has a weakness for women. She is infatuated with him. The younger daughter, Ann (Bonita Granville) has just discovered the beauty of poetry and worships before the shrine of Shelley and Rosetti. During the course of the day, the effect of spring on the family causes no end of comic situations. The son, Martin (Peter Willes) discovers that the girl next door, Joan (Anita Louise) is lovely and forgets his desire for a car in his infatuation. She invites him to the theatre and he goes. Roger, who suddenly begins to worry about his waist line, meets a new client, Beatrice Gwynn, a beautiful actress (Marcia Ralston), who finds him attractive and immediately makes a play for him. She invites him to her flat to discuss her income tax that evening. He goes, planning to have an affair with her, but at the last minute gets cold feet and returns to his home with an even greater love for his wife. Dorothy meets Frank West (Roland Young) brother of her best friend, Muriel West (Alice Brady), and he falls in love with her, mistaking her for the woman Muriel has chosen for him to marry. Dorothy is flattered by his attention and invites him home to supper. While Roger is at the flat of Beatrice, flirting with her, Dorothy is flirting with Frank. Catherine goes to Paul’s studio, tells him of her love and makes a date to meet him at a rendezvous. He doesn’t meet her and instead goes to Italy with his wife, and Catherine goes to bed heartbroken. Ann secures a painting by Rosetti to add to her collection. Her best moment of the day comes when Dorothy allows her to skip supper and go to a film based on Rosetti’s life. The picture ends with the family going to bed, each member of it brought closer together by the events of the first day of Spring. “kes Uke OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND — Faster than any young actress on the screen has Olivia de Havilland shot upward to fame during the last couple of years. Not yet 20, she is an acknowledged star, ranking among the greatest. Born in Tokio, Japan, where her British father was an attorney, she was brought as a baby to Saratoga, California, where she lived until the summer of 1935, when Max Reinhardt chose her to play Hermia in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” After playing in two lesser pictures for experience, Olivia was co-starred with Errol Flynn in “Captain Blood”, then again with him in “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” Her present picture is the Cosmopolitan Production “Call It A Day,” which opens ‘at the ......20.ccssccinon TROACEE ON spect a. ANITA LOUISE — Born in New York City 20 years ago, Anita — an ethereal blonde of great beauty — made her dramatic debut at 7 in the stage production of “Peter Ibbetson.” She attended the Professional School in her native city and then the Greenwood School for Girls in Hollywood. She is unmarried and lives quietly with her mother. Some of her recent pictures include “The Story of Louis Pasteur,” “Anthony Adverse” and “Green Light.” At present she has one of the leading parts in “Call It a Day,” now showing At bhiel Gas eew ee ee Theatre. IAN HUNTER was London’s most popular leading man. Played the Duke of Athens in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” when Max Reinhardt picturized that for Warner Bros. This, 6-foot-2 actor is a South African, born in Cape Town. When only 14, he journeyed alone to England, his ship being shot at by U-boats. He bluffed his way into the World War three years later. After it, he went on the London stage, then into English pictures. He was leading man with Bette Davis in “The Girl From Fifth Avenue,” then with Kav Francis in “I Found Stella Parish,” “The White Angel” and “Stolen Holiday.” His present picture is @ Pik tis SG “Call It A Day,” now on the screen at the o.cccccccmcccncu Theatre. De ObOT ise eee i a ER tages ee OE ea LAO Creer Bay poy SiN oso ee Ve ee ae Casey Robinson 7g. Jf, Chea, USook, Oriana: Play by. coc oh ae eae: ear ath PUBPOGTOPRY BY co occ oe Ernest Haller, A.S.C. EXPLOITATION: Page Page Bilin. Bator 8 i at ea Sa NOS GD DOIIS SOUMES WH TIS he ee iri cies 37) LICE Y: STORIES». 4-0-5 11 thru 16 : “‘Name the Day’’ Contest .._—s._—s... 4 Art Director Baaghie NL AR ida ca Siecle tg aa a John Hughes bebby. Seinccenenl Oe foo TANI So aaa 9 DE UST ORO 5 os SE Leo F. Forbstein Co-Op Ads, Tie-Up Stills Dm: AR ie Ot pean ee 10 AT et etal Senet ene aoe ot Dag) Sh 3 NATIONAL TIE-UPS........... 8 ACCESSORIES: ADVERTISING SECTION (coated PE hk et tS Oe 17 : SIGGR? ee a he ene Window Cards & Lobby... 18 Plerald G Novelties’... |... 19 eaten aitiee ae rite 11 Pe OP OUOS er, Pas a, eee ae Length of Film Running Time Page Three