Bright Lights (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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West 44th Street, New York City. Bright Suggestions Using Bright Lights A little tip! So much can be done on the ‘light’ angle, we’d advise you to call your electrician in before working on stunts like these: 1. <A powerful searchlight on theatre building plays around theatre block. It stops every half hour or so, with ducats to the lad or lassie upon whom it stops. 2. Bright light over department store’s escalator. Every time it goes out (about once an hour) theatre representative hands out Oakleys to those nearest it. 3. Electric company sponsors contest among ‘Main Street’ stores for best ‘Bright Light’? window display. 4. Place a few baby spots in lobby and out front. Color wheel should make it more effective. 3. N. Y. Strand planted swell display of lamps on previous film, from oldest to most modern. See if local electric company’ll get one up for you. We’ve just given you an idea of what can be done on this angle. Local situation should provide opportunity for many more. Why not give it some thought? Home Made Robot Controlled By Lights...A Front Bally TORCH-LIGHT PARADE Folks always get a big kick out of seeing a robot or electrical man. You can have one to bally your show this way: Build a robot out of cardboard or tin, and have one of your ushers step in it. Sign out front tells passers that robot is controlled by bright lights. Whenever a green light shines on him, he walks. When a red light hits him, he stops. When a yellow light shines on him, he can move his hands. F Reflecting Glass In Posters a Like this toreh-light parade? Hand out noise -makers and sparklers to the kids, and we’re sure theyll be glad to accompany your bannered car the night that Joe comes back to town... for a free admish, anyway. As a stunt on 24-sheet stand, you might, want to . use lettering made of reflecting glass. The lights of oncoming motorists should give it a flash. Page Eight For Main Street Windows Here are a dozen specially posed stills of the players, carefully picked to make window and ad tie-ups easy. They’re yours for a dime a throw, or $1.00 for the lot. Order by still number from Campaign Plan Editor, Warner Bros., 321 SPORT SHOP CREAM PAR [ Radium Paint "Round Town Radium paint isn’t very expensive and can be used in many ways. Paint title signs in empty lots, on roads, etc. A good stunt that’s been used before is to paint your bally on a balloon and let it fly above your theatre at night. Same goes for a sign atop theatre building. Sign For Telephone Booths Since the lights pop on in most phone booths when you close door, perhaps telephone company will let you put this sign on their booths: “BRIGHT LIGHTS’ have been installed in this booth for your convenience. Close the door, and they'll go on for you. See Joe E. Brown in ‘BRIGHT LIGHTS’ at the Strand.” LightCompany Tie-up Warns Against Using Cheap Bulbs Here’s one that should interest electric light company. They display a bunch of cheap bulbs with one good one among ’em. Lookers-in are asked to guess which bulb is best and which will burn out fastest. Sign tells ’em that it’s cheaper in the long run to buy good bulbs for bright lights instead of the ‘bargain’ ones . . . and why. Almost forgot to tell you to get your plug and stills in—as if you didn’t know. Give Away ‘Bright Lights’ For cigar store or your lobby, you can have a big sign saying “Get a free “BRIGHT LIGHT’.” Gag is to give a match to everyone who bites.