Bright Lights (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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Tie-up With Flashlights Sport and electrical stores all sell flashlights. You ought to be able to tie up with them on a window display of “Bright Light Flashlights.” FREE RADIO SKETCH Twelve minutes of the comedy of the film plus three minutes at beginning and end for picture plug. If you can use ’em, just write Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th St., N. Y. C., and we'll shoot back mimeographed copies for every member of the cast. Ellis Voted Promising Star Screen Book’s readers voted Patricia Ellis the most promising young actress of 1935. You can probably tie up with distributors by placing signs on news-stands telling the folks about it. Incidentally, might not be a bad idea to plant this information with paper. Your Kiddie Kontacts School opens about when you show the film. Here are a couple of suggestions for reaching the youngsters: Tie-up with merchants in taking ad space on paper book-covers, which are distributed to the kids at school. The expense won’t be much when you get the stores to chip in. Then there’s the imprinted scratch pads as matinee giveaways ... And you’ve probably figured on the routine school tie-ups with passes for best grades, perfect attendance, etc. * Cincinnati, Ohio Light Sign In Hotel Rooms Hotels often have small signs in rooms telling patrons that the lights have been tested and are excellent for reading. Maybe you can get together with manager and tack up cards that get the ‘Bright Light’ angle in. Title In Clothing Ads A little late in the season, but you might still be able to play around with clothing shop ads and window displays on the ‘Bright Light’ angle. Lightweight shoes, hats, topcoats, light clothing . . . all can be advertised as ‘Bright Lights.’ Cute—yet practical. Jile Pages: Illustrated at left, but you can’t see the two bright colors they’re printed in. Pages make a — &qplotation ep. and Plenty Of It! Here’s a Joe E. Brown picture with three hit tunes in it ..which gives you a chance to let the town know about © the film via the airwaves, music shops and P. A. system. Here’s what you get to help your campaign along: neat little window display in music shops, and they’re FREE, so you’d better shoot your orders in fast. Not illustrated, but they’re as colorful as the title pages. Measures 6 x 18 inches — and FREE . . . Which is all you need know about ’em. For any further cooperation, contact these HARMS REPRESENTATIVES ~ Danny Engel Charles Goldberg 3433 Clifton Ave. 433 Little Bldg. 804 Wood Theatre 5808 Sunset Blvd. Boston, Mass. Bobby Mellin Lucky Wilber Chicago, IIl. Hollywood, Calif. Play Tap Dance Record Tap dance record can be played out front or via radio. Announcer breaks in to say, “You are listening to the dancing of Ann Dvorak, who dances in her latest First National hit, “Bright Lights.’ She’s the tops in taps!” Title Ties Up With Bulbs Tie-up with electric fixture store using slogan: “BRIGHT LIGHTS will save you from eyestrain; make sure you’re using Bilbo Bulbs.” Your copy and playdate follow, while your stills liven up the window. Lobby Peep-Box ... And How It's Done Illustration shows you how one exhibitor constructed a peep-box on “Circus Clown.” Cut on left shows how the arrangement looks to patrons; on right you see how it’s constructed. Hole for head is cut out to fit over the costume painted within, and the whole thing is faced toward a mirror. If you want to use stunt on this show, you can either have your artist draw the funny clothes, use a cut-out from the posters, or else blow up one of the stills of Brown. Page Seven