Bright Lights (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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Bright. Lights Lxploitati Six-Day Quis on ““Marqu The title suggested this, so we’re calling it Joe E. Brown’s Bright Lights Contest. Old Brown pix were taken, using catchlines which suggest the titles. Contestants are asked to name the stars who appeared with Joe in each of the films. They fill in the names in the marquee spaces. Contest looks easy enough to haul in the fans, but believe us, it’s no snap. If editor is interested, show him these two pages. All illustrations available in one unit. Find ‘Bright Lights’ Names And Be Theatre Guests a > Inr r nOmaAic 2 22 23 Hib. ke WA APAES, GUE L GWG JAS h.) deo bd § Pad PLA PUI EPUTO PONTECT WD) ORESTEL LEGTHD DUAELGT DHiUiiE LEU vui 1 WU. | \ Pe ge —— Are you a Joe E. Brown fan? enough to supply the names of If you are—and almost every one is—you’ll want to see Joe E. in the wide mouthed comedian’s biggest. success, the First National comedy “Bright Lights” as the guest of this newspaper. You can also take a friend with you, if you are able to identify a few of his supporting stars in six of his recent pictures. Of course, you don’t have to depend entirely on your memory of film players. This contest, which starts today, is unique in that the Contest Editor practically tells you the names you are seeking. Your success depends entirely upon your ability to put two and two together and make four. Naturally, you can get help if you need it. Just ask the children. Kids would no more miss a Joe E. Brown picture than they would a circus. Here’s the contest: Beginning today and continuing for six: days; the joi. .c..: (newspaper) will publish an illustration of a theater marquee. You will note that Joe E.’s name appears in bright lights, and that there are spaces for the two stars who appear with him. Note also that the Editor has given you a clue to the picture itself: Knowing the name of the star and the picture, it should be easy the leading members of the east. But the Contest Editor wants to make it even easier for you, so here’s an additional hint: Two feminine featured players must be named in the contest. One is a brunette who appeared in “G Men.” The other is a blonde who was featured in “A Night at the Ritz.” Now the artist has shown you that in this particular picture Joe dances and croons, and the Editor tells you that two of his cast are players who were featured in other specific productions. The rest is up to you. Take your pencil and fill in the blank spaces. You’ll know if you’re right, because of the number of letter spaces. Cut out the illustration and hold it until you have filled out all six .Then rush them to the Joe E. Brown Contest Editor of thes, VAC (newspaper). The first 20 correct replies received will each win two, tickets COC EHO oe ae Theatre where Joe E. will open in “Bright Lights?) ony) c es oie. The contest closes on......... (date) after which no answers will be considered. (Second Day Contest) : Vela wick Rte EM UL ATE 2% ig Bes tke HE 3h: * gi 4g GH ORW ERG wt td dor Dood 3 TLS PF | xP HOICHT FEB if SNES K{} ARinR GG bind aA Nbr LiQhig DUNE U, | fy N GORE MARMASSE Ce. EA CYCLING CYCLONE OF MIRTH We : SP re er rr nr tlt hh AAAS ANSWERS FIRST DAY: Ann Dvorak and Patricia Ellis SECOND DAY: Frank McHugh and Maxine Doyle THIRD DAY: Olivia de Havilland and Ruth Donnelly FOURTH DAY: Jean Muir and Thelma Todd FIFTH DAY: Alice White SIXTH DAY: Ginger Rogers Page Four (Second Day) What Star Names Should be Shown In Bright Lights Two remarkable comedians supported Joe E. Brown in the picture the name of which does not appear in the illustration of a theatre marquee reproduced in today’s Joe E. Brown contest. One of them is noted for his “goofy” laugh. The other was the first mistress of ceremonies to become a film leading lady. The artist has already given a very definite clue as to the name of the picture, so Joe E. Brown fans should have no difficulty today. Contestants must fill in the blank spaces where the lights should be with the _ correct names, and if you can do it, you stand an excellent chance of being a guest of this newspaper at the opening of Joe E. Brown’s biggest sereen hit, “Bright Lights,” the First National comedy which opens at the...... Lee Theatre: one seine ote ss Twenty. fens (newspaper) readers will each win two tickets: tothe: sate. Theatre in this contest. The prizes will go to those who submit the first twenty correct lists of names to the Joe E. Brown Contest Editor Ob: Dever meee are | (newspaper). It’s mighty seldom that a Contest Editor practically tells you the answers to the problems he presents. But he does in this case, and all that you need is the ingenuity to read what he has written. You'll want to see “Bright Lights.” It is heralded as the funniest picture Joe E. has ever made. It’s a story of life on the burlesque stage, with all that the name implies. Joe sings and dances, makes love and makes merry. The tickets are ready, All you need do is to get your correct list of answers to the Contest Editor among the first 20 received. (Third Day) Valuable Prizes To Bright Lights Contest Winners Watch your pencils’ today, Movie Contest Fans. You’ve had a lot of fun with the Contest Editor of the....... (newspaper) for the past two days. The names you were to place in the theatre marquees were easy to identify. So are those for today’s contest, but you'll have to think a minute. The Contest Editor has had the artist tell you that the picture starred Joe E. Brown as “baseball’s miracle man.” That should be close enough. But here’s an If you can plant the contest, order Mat No. 501—50c. (Fourth Day) Theatre Tickets if You Know Bright Lights Names 3 P32" 8 Teper a a wee eS i Vee Haihal 1 ee Pr HPAI OS SiGe wee el eee: 2? Ls? to» Loidbemore iit 3 IPLIT PESUTD PORITEOT YN ify} it PALES | Uri LEQHED bua Dd] Two have lost their girls chance for fame. The artist who drew the illustration of the theatre marquee advertising a Joe E. Brown com edy, “forgot” to put the names of the girls in lights. Now the big problem Movie Fans have to solve—if they want to win free tickets to the....... theatre to see Joe E. Brown in “Bright suights’” (ons. a oe, is what film the artist had in tind when she advised readers to “Join the World and See the Navy,” and who the girls are. Naturally you'll think of “Here Comes the Navy” in which James Cagney, Pat O’Brien and Frank McHugh appeared. Here’s a tip. It wasn’t that picture. One of the two stars appeared in “As the Earth Turns” and the other fre quently appears with ZaSu Pitts. Now it’s up to you. This is the fourth in a series of six Joe E. Brown contests in which contestants are supposed to name prominent members of his supporting casts in recent pictures. Just like a cross word puzzle, there are spaces for exactly the number of letters in the players’ names. Joe E. Brown fans will have little difficulty in supplying all the missing names, and even if the adults find their memories faulty they can always call on their own, or neighboring kids, for help. Prizes will be awarded not only for accuracy, but for speed in getting the answers to the Joe E. Brown Contest Editor of the Sar a XSRBE Ce So (newspaper). The first 20 correct replies received will each win two tickets TO MN ites re Ele Theatre for “Bright Lights.” (Third Day Contest) ? A poh Bet IE Gg WMG Sa taf 24 Bs 2232 4. S; SR So 2348 . ’ ed on 2 3 3 Ra er 23 ie 4 Driers Y3537 343 ms Fe ae 4 OB RID oui eae we TaD 3 WEB awe: P23 Se ee Bae pe bat Susp Bide a ed 5 Seo Fe Ue Se ne oer 233 STS n BOICUT PLPUTO Paayeey “AMT A ESTED) Ha Ae Pea ee Yh det Wk eG gS \: other for good measure: The name of the first missing star is that of a young featured player in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream',” who was discovered by Max Reinhardt and who is considered the big screen find of the year. The uncle of the other featured player has been mayor of Trenton, N. J., for many years. Now that you have been told all, just fill in the names, clip out the illustration and place it with those of yesterday and the day before. There will be three more contests, and when you have identi \ MR GRRRERSGG C0008 RERRORO BASEBALL'S NEW MIRACLE MAN Erin oo POP MPO PAPA PIO rr Po 8 ep eT: Ot at Ld Luk fied all the missing players, rush your answers to the Joe E. Brown Contest: Editor of" the: 2247 sali. (newspaper). Two tlekets, to: the...) 24 see Theatre will be awarded to each of the first 20 contestants who submit absolutely correct lists. These prizes will be awarded for accuracy and speed, and will be judged according to the time they are received at the office of the newspaper. The winners will see Joe E. Brown in his biggest film hit, “Bright Lights,” the First National comedy which opens at the ans, Bee Thea tie womes (uel Ney oe