Big City Blues (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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_ Mook low-down Blonde to cyve him Ig City Bluest The fascinating romance of a country kid who wanted to go places and a chorus girl who was willing to take him! Dragged into a scandalous love-murder, swept into a turmoil of amazing events . . . they live a lifetime in 48 mad hours! JOAN BLONDELL ERIC LINDEN young lovers of “The Crowd Roars’”’ in another great hit ITS SWEET AND Hoy! young lovers ef ‘The Crowd Roars’ in another great thrill-hit! — The first motion pieture that really catches the mad rhythm of the metropolis! A Warner Bros. and Vitaphone Picture. STRAND COE C0 Cut No.7 Out 20ce Mat de A Warner Bros. Hit with Guy Kibbee, Walter Catlett, Josephine Dunn, Ned Sparks. ll HEADLINERS OFFER EXCEPTIONAL CAST and every player in “Big City Blues,’ a ” ee Se ewe EE ~— — Lsewewe . ee same picture. Starting -.:-h Joan Blonac.. a 1 Eric Linden the players, composed of Inez Courtney, Walter Catlett, Guy Kibbee, Jobyna Howland, Evalyn Knapp, Thomas Jackson, Grant Mitchell, Josephine Dunn and Lyle Talbot, have each a fine following. Collectively, they insure fan attention of the most satisfactory sort. It will pay you to announce this great list of favorites. PU Ls dita LTT eT WINTERGARDEN(’w ’ isa Each Young Love on a Spree in the Jazz Jungle of the Metropolis fuate Forty-Bignt Mad Hours! t ALACE Chorus girl and country kid Seer eae Swept into a turmoil of amazing events. Joan BLONDELL Erie LINDEN A Warner Bros. Hit with Guy Kibb ee, Walter Catlett. save, JOAN BLONDELL PITT: erie LinDeEN Out No.1 Cut 40c Mat 10e Out No.6 Cut 40c Mati10e TO INSURE PERFECT MAT REPRODUCTION The mats illustrated in this merchandising plan will reproduce perfectly, if cast properly. The following rules, if observed when casting the mat, will insure perfect stereotypes. Pass them along to your printer. The casting box should be heated before making the cast. This is very important, as pouring molten metal inte a cold box, chills the metal so that it does not give a perfect cast. The casting box operates most efficiently when it is warmed up. The simplest way to do this is to run some metal through the casting box before the mat is inserted. The mats should be heated before trying te make a east, in order to dry out any moisture that may have been absorbed from the air. Unless the mats are dried out, first, they will blister when the molten metal touches them. Don’t run the metal too hot. Be sure to use a good quality metal. When using only part of an ad, cast the entire mat and then saw up the cast to get the part you want. A ER ER RM CR TIES EE ee CREST RL a EA EE TED ae oe OE IT OOS TO A IR ER OTE I Page Eight