Big City Blues (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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-(N TEAM—THEY’RE GREAT! DEVIL AT HIGH SPEED! der case... . a speakeasy raid.... 1 parties... . wild women... . mt... . ACTION! — Everything see in a picture combined in this of a hard-boiled chorus girl and a ks! It's SWEET AND HOT! .... the jazztime romance of a chorus girl who knew all the answers and a country kid who didn’t even Se : know the right BLONDELL You Have Great Sellf questions! ERIC : ing Point in Blondell LINDEN young lovers of “The Crowd Roars” in another Warner Bros. thrill hit! Linden Team Joan Blondell and Eric Linden make a swell team. He, as the green kid from the sticks who comes to the Big City and experiences the most exciting 48 hours possible — and Joan Blondell, as a wise chorus girl who knew all the answers to the questions the boy didn’t even know, are bound to go over big—especially with those who have had those “Big City Blues’”» — and who hasn't. Advance notices from Hollywood, where ‘Life Begins,” A Wachee has been pre-viewed, state that Bros. Hit! Eric Linden’s performance in this picture is tremendous. with JOAN » \ | OES EENOX quent pictures in which he Cut No.11 Cut40c Mati0c plays. It will help you NOW —And it will help you THEN. PREMIERE t60e Mat 15e LINES } Forty-Eight Mad Hours! 2 2 City’s Mad Rhythm. rs = s and Did Things. Jevil At High Speed! * . eet and Hot! Sg x JOAN BLONDELL : S$ TRAN D = = ais wes ae rere : zs : : z : . : * : : ANU gy : r * Ra my Milyyy i ure Him of Those Big City Blues. ie Bo _ Jazz Jungle of the Metropolis. “fs na Maelstrom of the Big City. NOW PLAYING .. SANFORD » Take and Men Who Give. i * Cut No.8 Cut 20c Mat dc Crowd Roars” Teamed Again in er Hit. 7 naan gua iste namaaaieameniaranmienanae = JOAN BLONDELL Could Never Be Consummated. ERIC LINDEN in : x tide a Chorus Girl Who Fell for a ‘y Kid. i x -Boiled Chorus Girl and a Green the Sticks. ; 2 d of Big, Big Buildings. 2 Sat 5 LAST TIMES TODAY ALHAMBRA OOOO OCU COCO eee Cut No.9 Qut20c Matic % BLOND fe LINDES Out No.4 CQut20c Mat be Page Seven